How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for Restless Legs?

If you are suffering from restless leg syndrome, CBD can be your solution. CBD provides various therapeutic benefits to people suffering from diseases. It is helpful against chronic and acute disorders.

It assists you by reducing the symptoms and providing you the mental capacity to battle the condition. Moreover, it also promotes the overall health of your body. You may also find CBD effective for the stress and anxiety surrounding these stats. It is quite beneficial for certain neurological and mental defects. These also include restless leg syndrome.

Restless Leg Syndrome

cbd oilIt is a neurological disorder that causes the constant shaking of the legs. You may feel a slight tingle that may lead to itching. It may cause you to shake your legs constantly. These movements are usually involuntary, and patients may have little to no control over them. Your body may remain alright throughout the day; however, it may start specific movements as soon as you get to rest. These may arise in your knee or slightly lower and extend to the calf. These symptoms may prevent you from having rest or a relaxed state. The condition usually triggers at night when you try to fall asleep.

Moreover, it may also occur when you are lying down having naps. As a result of these symptoms, your body remains fatigued. You might also find it hard to sleep due to the irritable state.

These symptoms may also take a toll on your overall well-being. These may even start impacting your mental health. You are likely to grow more frustrated, anxious, and stressed. You may constantly apprehend the time when your symptoms might trigger. If it becomes too frequent, you might find it challenging to keep up with your normal routine. It may also hamper you from performing various motor tasks. In extreme cases, it may impact the stability of movements. Such people usually start avoiding gatherings and social occasions to avoid being a public spectacle.

You may get the disorder at any time in your life. You may have the first attack, and afterward, you are never sure when to expect another. Almost 14% of the total population goes through it. Furthermore, with age, you become more susceptible to developing the syndrome.


Several reasons may lead to restless leg syndrome, and the following are some of them:

  • Dopamine Reduction

One of the most potential and rational causes behind the syndrome is the dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neuromodulator that controls several functions in our body. Some people think it is associated with a mood disorder and overall satisfaction. However, its role in your body is much more significant than that. It controls your motor abilities and provides stability or balance to your movements.

Dopamine relays all the coordinated motion that your body performs during the day. The optimal dopamine ensures that your body does not have any inefficient or sudden involuntary movements. The cells in the basal ganglia are responsible for releasing dopamine.

As soon as the nerve cells produce sufficient dopamine, it reaches the other regions. These are primarily involved in the movement control of your body. It influences the fiction of these regions and, as a result, develops coordination in your entire body. The low dopamine level leads to restless leg syndrome. This drop in the levels can be due to multiple reasons. There can be an injury within the nerve cells that release dopamine.

In some cases, prolonged mental health disorders such as depression may also trigger the syndrome.

All these scenarios lead to an extreme dopamine deficiency in your brain. Moreover, with the day’s passage, dopamine levels may start reducing. Therefore you get the symptoms while sleeping at night.

  • Underlying Defects

The syndrome may also result from specific other causes; if you have a hereditary disorder that leads to restless legs, your chances of getting the syndrome increase. Particular forms of nutrient deficiencies such as anemia may also contribute. Furthermore, some underlying disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and arthritis, may cause this defect.

Potential Treatments

cbd oilThere are various therapies and medications that people may use to treat the disorder’s symptoms. However, none of these prove to be effective in the long term. Illnesses such as restless leg syndrome can occur anytime. As these are neurophysiological diseases, multiple factors impact them.

Complex reactions among the brain regions may lead to this condition. Therefore no medication can ultimately help you get rid of it. However, they may assist you in alleviating the symptoms of the disease. The treatment also depends upon the degree of your disorder. The more intense and frequent the symptoms are, the more challenging it is to treat.

Specific approaches may target the root cause of your problem. It is more of a guessing or a luck game. You can try different methods until you find the one most suitable. If you are anemic and getting restless leg syndrome, monitoring your iron levels can help reduce the symptoms.

In some cases, pregnant women may also get the syndrome. Their condition usually disappears after a short time without any effective treatment. If you are suffering from a mild form of this disorder, you can easily manage the symptoms.

Working on your routine and habits may also help you counter the disorder. These include specific steps to avoid alcohol or caffeine. However, the most potent treatment is dopamine therapy. You can use drugs and substances that may increase your overall dopamine levels.

Certain compounds cause the nerve cells to release dopamine.

In contrast, others may allow the chemical to reach the destined cells and regions. In addition, you can also use a mixture of drugs to relieve various symptoms of the syndrome. Once you target the dopamine levels, all you must do is reduce the signs, and you are a step closer to eradicating the disorder.

Effect of CBD

CBD can perform various functions in your body that may help you relieve the symptoms and combat the disorder. The compound can channel all the therapeutic effects, and you may start noticing the changes.

These may appear instantly or may take some time. Anecdotal evidence suggests that people have effectively found a breakthrough with their condition. They have experienced more stability and a reduction in the severity of the signs. Therefore these statements motivate the other people suffering from the same disease to utilize the substance.

Following are some of how CBD may help you with the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

  • Dopamine Levels

CBD may play a huge role in stabilizing your overall dopamine levels. It interacts in your body through the endocannabinoid system. It has a direct link with several other regions responsible for the majority of the function of your body. Moreover, the system itself has several ways to boost your mental and physical health.

CBD may instantly increase your dopamine levels. It performs activity in the brain regions that act as the initiator of dopamine production activities. It reduces specific signals that may suppress the dopamine release.

  • Fatigue and Sleeplessness

CBD has a calming effect on your body. It is evident from the symptoms of restless leg syndrome that you are likely to feel specific associated effects. These include the lack of sleep and constant tiredness.

It may also prevent you from performing routine activities. As such, it is important to make sure that the symptoms do not affect your sleep. Once your sleep cycle gets ruined, the entire situation may start worsening. Therefore you must ensure optimal sleep at night and no fatigue during the day.

CBD has a calming effect on your entire body and mind. It relaxes you and produces specific sleep-inducing signals. As soon as your body gets the soothing effect, you get the natural urge to sleep. As CBD efficiently works as a sedative, you may have a peaceful sleep. These effects may start kicking on after a while of taking the dose.

Moreover, it may also allow you to feel a particular pleasure that may make you feel more content. These changes in your mental state may help you relax and sleep. The following day you will feel much more energetic with optimal dopamine levels.

  • Anxiety and Stress

CBD oil hemp products, Medical cannabis concept.

Conditions such as restless leg syndrome can bring a lot of anxiety that may lead to stress. Stress and anxiety usually go hand in hand. One gives rise to the other. Therefore targeting any of these may provide the solution for the other one. When you have restless leg syndrome, you are constantly fearful of your symptoms.

You try your best to avoid any activity that may trigger them. Therefore in such a way, you always pressure yourself to remain under a particular condition. Such provisions can be more damaging than helpful. They may decrease your mental stability and give rise to other disorders. Constant stress is one of the causes of various life-threatening diseases such as heart diseases.

It is one of the main things that causes people to fall into depression. When you get a lot of stress, a particular hormone in your body may rise. It may induce various changes that can be harmful to your health. Therefore it is necessary to manage the cortisol level to ensure the optimal functioning of your body. The soothing effect of CBD reduces your anxiety or panic attacks. As a result, you may also notice a reduction in stress.

Suitable Dose

You can select a dosage according to your health condition. Your body tolerance of CBD is usually 1500 mg. Experts advise that you take between 300 to 600 mg per day. Moreover, you can alter these amounts according to your state. It would help if you started a low but more frequent dose.

For syndromes like restless legs, you can do the same. You must take a small dose three to five times during the day. Afterward, you can monitor your symptoms to enhance the amount. There are several methods through which you can take your daily CBD dose. You can use edibles, oils, or carts. Each one provides you with a different level of CBD in the blood.

The most optimal way to get a suitable and adequate amount of CBD is to use oils. When you prefer CBD oils, you have to use sublingual methods for consuming them. These may require you to put the oil under your tongue for some minutes. It is the fastest way for CBD to reach the receptors and produce the desired effect.

However, if you take edibles, they will have to go through the digestive route. It leads to a loss of some CBD content and less potent results. Moreover, the CBD will take longer before the effects kick in. Therefore you must use the way that guarantees you instant and efficient outcomes.


CBD may have a significant impact on restless leg syndrome as it targets different symptoms of it. Recent findings suggest that it can be beneficial, and long-term use may produce more reliable results. However, the research is still not enough to form the facts. Therefore you must test your case by yourself. Nevertheless, by taking an optimal dose, constantly sticking to the use, and enhancing the quality of your life, you can get rid of it.

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