How Much CBD Vape Should You Smoke

As technology has improved over time, people’s smoking habits have improved too. From typical cigarette smoking to using e-cigarettes and now vaping is the modern form of smoking. On the other hand, instead of using flavored tobacco, people use CBD vapes. CBD is one of the best cannabis varieties for relaxation and other health benefits. But how much CBD vape should you smoke?

CBD vapes are the fastest way to provide results as the CBD in smoke instantly dissolves in your blood. Moreover, since it is not tobacco, the smoke doesn’t stay in your lungs and causes lung disease. While you cannot overdose on CBD, smoking a lot can lead to lung problems. Therefore we prepared this guide to help you see how much CBD smoke you should smoke to get the best results without side effects.

CBD vapeIs Vaping CBD Dangerous for Health

CBD itself is not dangerous for health, as long as companies follow the proper procedure to extract and clean the hemp plant. For all smokers, vaping CBD is the best option as it provides quick results and is also convenient. Moreover, CBD vapes are relatively cheaper than other CBD products and are available in various flavors.

As long as you stick to the recommended doses, smoking CBD won’t be detrimental to your health. However, we won’t suggest CBD vapes for long-term usage as they can cause minor lung issues. If you are using any other smoking medium like cigars or cigarettes, we recommend quitting them as they’ll neutralize the effects of CBD.

Moreover, you should always check product labels for the ingredients, as prosperity blends might not suit your health. If you start coughing when you use a vape, the ingredients are not natural, and it’s best to switch your brand.

Also, check the THC concentration in the vape; it must not exceed 0.3%. Usually, every vape oil contains THC since the basic idea is to give you a buzz when smoking. You can check the product’s third-party lab reports or the list of ingredients to see the amount of THC.

How Much CBD Is Available in a Vape Cart

A vape cart is a small container with CBD oil that you attach to your vape pen for smoking. The amount of liquid is 1 ml or 2 ml, and in that 1 ml liquid, you get 600-900 mg of CBD. This is the average dosage for CBD vape oil; however, some brands offer a higher potency, like 1500-3000 mg. But that doesn’t mean that each puff will provide you with such a high CBD concentration.

You can regulate the CBD dosage with puffs. A short drag means you inhale less CBD, while longer puffs contain more CBD. If the container has 1 ml liquid with 900 mg CBD, and the cart lasts for 300 puffs, you’ll get 3 mg of CBD with each puff. Usually, people only need 10 mg of CBD daily to stay active, so 3-4 inhales a day would be enough.

You should not take puffs longer than three seconds as it might heat the cart, and you’ll burn the liquid inside. These vapes are slightly different from your regular ones, so be careful while using them. Also, use the vape twice weekly so the liquid inside the cart remains loose.

How Much CBD Vape Should You Smoke

A person won’t need more than 10 mg of CBD daily. However, if you use CBD for medical purposes, you might need more. The dosage will alter based on your body’s needs and what time you use it. Usually, companies provide a strong dosage for the night and a mild dosage for the day. The effects of CBD vaping don’t last for long, and the maximum time you’ll feel its effects is for one hour. Although, you can retake a three-second puff and enjoy the effects for another hour.

It is why we don’t recommend using CBD vapes for prolonged usage. You have to use them multiple times a day, and this much smoking is not advantageous for your lungs. While studies say that CBD smoke won’t mix with the water molecules inside your lungs, many people have reported lung problems after using CBD vapes for years.

Your CBD dosage ultimately depends on the effects your body requires. You can start with a lower dose and gradually increase the amount until you get the desired results. Take short drags and wait for the effects to kick in, and if nothing happens, take longer puffs.

If puffs are not working, change the overall dosage of CBD. Get a product with 1500 mg or 3000 mg for potent effects. Moreover, if you cough while smoking, it means either a strong dosage or your body doesn’t like the ingredients. Check the label for the ingredients and ensure they use natural flavors and ingredients. You can also consult your physician to evaluate if your lungs can tolerate smoking.

CBD vape

Which CBD Is Best for You

CBD comes in three different types: CBD Isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD. If you want nothing but pure CBD, CBD Isolate is the way to go. Broad-spectrum CBD contains terpenes from the hemp plant for additional health benefits. If you use CBD vape to help manage pain and anxiety, you should opt for broad-spectrum CBD.

The hemp plant also contains THC, and companies mix THC with CBD in full-spectrum CBD. THC will give a high feeling and helps manage issues like inflammation, regulating sleep, and more. Opt for full-spectrum CBD vape carts if you want to use CBD vapes to get high, stay relaxed, and correct your sleep schedule.


How much CBD vape should you smoke? It entirely depends on what kind of results you want. If you are looking for immediate effects and long-lasting results, you should opt for more potency. Lower potency will help you stay active while you are working. Moreover, don’t overdose on CBD vapes, as smoking causes health issues and damages the lungs. Begin with a lower potency if you are unsure about your body’s reaction and increase the dosage as required. Take short puffs and use CBD vape only four to six times a day for better results.

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