How to Calculate CBD Content: Simple Formula to Know the Amount of CBD You’re Using

We all understand how incredible the effects of cannabinoids can be. Nevertheless, most people don’t know how to calculate CBD content in their favorite products. 

Cannabinoids have been confirmed to be harmless, even in very high doses. However, you are at risk of experiencing various side effects by consuming random amounts of CBD. Also, you may be spending unnecessarily when you order more products with higher CBD concentrations than necessary.

On the other hand, you are not getting CBDs’ whole range of benefits because you take small amounts. It is essential to know that product volume does not dictate CBD content automatically. Moreover, purchasing a popular CBD product does not necessarily mean you get more CBD. The best way to be sure about your consumption is to calculate it.

This article will discuss how to calculate CBD content using simple formulas. We will also discuss tips on how to calculate CBD potency.

CBD Potency vs CBD Content


CBD potency specifically means how potent CBD is or the measurement in milligrams that represents CBD content in a product. Therefore, cannabinoids with much higher potencies have more noticeable outcomes. So, when purchasing CBD products based on potency, you are basically looking for the amount of CBD per milligrams in the product instead of product volume details.

On the other hand, CBD content is the total amount of CBD in the entire package or product. Nevertheless, CBD content constitutes the entire CBD serving, which determines the product’s potency. Knowing the CBD content is helpful in determining if the product is most suitable for you. Similarly, it helps the user evaluate actual CBD potency so you can know the precise amount you will be paying per serving of the CBD product.

How You Can Calculate CBD Content

Knowing how to calculate the content of CBD is essential knowledge when you are comparing the prices of different CBD products. So, it’s necessary not to assume that you will get the most acceptable deal because the product packaging seems more significant. 

The easiest way to find out the content of CBD in a product is to divide the CBD in milligrams by the container volume. 

For example, you might be examining a 20ml CBD oil tincture that claims to hold 200 mg of CBD. So, it means that this specified product provides 10 mg of CBD for each milligram. You can use this formula to calculate CBD content in any CBD product. Thus, depending on how frequently you decide to use CBD, it’s sometimes good to invest in a larger bottle and then calculate what you will be getting. This approach helps you get the best value that can help you compare CBD content prices in every product.

Calculating and Comparing Prices Based on CBD Content 

The easiest way to find out the best value is to calculate and compare how much money it costs for every mg of CBD in the product. You can use this easy calculation: (The product price) divided by (mg amount in that product) = (the price per CBD mg). This simple equation calculates the cost per CBD mg in all products, revealing the actual value.

For example, if we make a comparison of a $30 bottle of 300 mg of CBD to that of 40$ bottle of 300 mg of CBD. You can see that the bottle for $30 is the best value. However, it is a bit trickier to compare products with different quantities of CBD. 

How to Determine the Right Amount of CBD Content to Use

cbdMost people use cannabinoids for different purposes. However, they don’t know the right amount of CBD content. Calculating the proper dosage can be very challenging. This is because different people have varying tolerance levels, body weight, and age. However, to help you do this right, we have discussed some standard products people use and how they measure dosage. 

  • Tinctures Oil Dosage

Some CBD oil tinctures have measurements printed on their droppers that usually show portions in a milliliter. Measuring your tincture oil dosage using the droppers means you have to be more attentive to avoid exceeding the prescribed levels. 

Moreover, consumers should know that CBD tinctures don’t include clear directions on how to consume the correct dosage or measurement indications. Unfortunately, the lack of this information makes it challenging to calculate your dosage. For that reason, you can look for a brand that offers precise dosage directions and necessary indications.  

  • Capsules and Gummies Dosage

When eating CBD gummies, it is quite simple to measure your dosage. These measurements are 10 mg, 50 mg, 25 mg, or 100 mg, depending on the CBD dosage. This is because CBD gummies are graded differently. 

Similarly, it’s easy to determine your dosage when taking CBD capsules. This is because it’s similar to gummies, and each capsule is pre-measured. Thus, most people choose capsules and gummies as they are more convenient, and determining the right amount of CBD is easy. 

  • Vape and Flower Dosage

Measuring the CBD content in vapes and flowers is the most complex process. That is so because it is challenging to know the amount of CBD in every puff. Most vape carts are usually 200 mg and 400 mg, and each puff has about 1-2 mg of CBD. Though that is just an overall estimate, each person’s actual consumption will vary.


In summary, the formula used for determining the actual amount of CBD in products and price is easy to use. Whether you are purchasing higher potency tinctures or lower potency CBD edibles, you should be able to calculate the CBD content in your favorite product. 

In addition, you can measure potencies and CBD content in gummies, capsule dosage, or tinctures oil dosage by evaluating the CBD quantity per serving. However, it is easier to determine capsules and gummies dosages. 

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