How to Get CBD Out of Your Body

CBD has multiple benefits and thousands of research papers that back it up. Since the legalization of hemp, people have been using CBD daily to relax and offer relief for chronic pain. However, some people are still hesitant to try it because they don’t want to fail their drug tests. So, we’ll share some ways to get CBD out of your body. Exercise and drinking plenty of water are common ways to remove traces of CBD from your blood.

Before we go any further, let’s clear some confusion. CBD products containing THC will make you fail a drug test. However, pure CBD won’t be detected since the drug tests will only detect traces of THC. No matter how low the THC concentration in the product is, the drug test will pick it up. If you use pure CBD, CBD Isolate, or broad-spectrum CBD, you’ll pass the drug test. Read on to find out more about the product and how you can get CBD out of your body.

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What Is CBD and How Does It Work?

CBD is a compound of hemp, naturally available, and non-synthetic, so you can expect that it will have fewer side effects. While CBD is present in marijuana, most of it is extracted from hemp. Generally, hemp is considered safe, and US regulatory authorities only allow the growth of hemp and distribution of hemp products on the market. Another reason is that marijuana has a meager amount of CBD, so companies prefer to use hemp.

On the other hand, CBD doesn’t give you a high feeling; therefore, your senses will not be affected while using this. CBD products are available in various forms, including gels, oil, vapes, gummies, creams, and sprays. The most favored CBD product remains the gummies since they are available in various flavors, are potent, and have long-lasting effects. Gummies are, however, not ideal for those who want to get CBD out of their body.

How Does CBD Work?

The human body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) is mainly responsible for developing the central nervous system (CNS). The ECS’s primary job is regulating main body functions like sleep, appetite, pain, mood, temperature, etc. If something goes wrong with your body, the ECS will release cannabinoids to restore the body’s balance and stabilize it.

CBD enters your body and interacts with ECS, and helps improve its functions. Based on this information, you don’t want to get CBD out of your body because of its valuable benefits. As long as you use CBD products, your body will function a lot better than usual.

How Long Will It Take for CBD to Get Out of My Body?

Drinking CBDThere is no set amount of time for this. It might take four to five hours for some people, while others might enjoy the effects for an entire day. It all depends on your daily routine and how physically active you are. Sitting at your work desk most of the time might keep CBD in your body for a longer time. Engaging in physical activity like a walk for 20-30 minutes will shorten the time, and you’ll be able to get CBD out of your body quicker.

A study showed that CBD traces were undetectable after two to five days, while another study showed that CBD traces were gone after nine hours. However, all these studies contain different participants and various ways of ingesting CBD in the body, suggesting different ways how it will leave your body. Here are some variables affecting the time for CBD to leave your body.

CBD Dosage

How much CBD you are taking affects your body’s time to eradicate it. While it feels good to enjoy potent CBD products, your body will take more time to remove its traces. Usually, you’ll get around 800-900mg of CBD per product, which is okay, but using a product with 3000mg of CBD will double the time it takes for CBD to leave your body.

How Often Should You Take CBD?

How many times you use a CBD product daily influences how long it remains in your system. The frequency varies with the ingestion method. Companies recommend taking one or two gummies for better results. So, while two gummies will enhance the overall results, they’ll stay inside your body for a longer time. 

Using a CBD vape will give instant results from CBD directly entering the blood via smoke, but since it has low potency, it quickly leaves your body. Taking CBD in irregular intervals will make it leave your body much quicker.

It Also Depends on Your Body

Each body functions differently, and some people have a strong metabolism which means the CBD won’t stay in their bodies for long. Others might have to force the CBD out by exercising and drinking plenty of water. Your BMI, water levels and metabolism determines how long the CBD traces will remain in your body.

Your Diet

The quality and quantity of your food help regulate the CBD levels in your body. If you eat food that enhances your bioavailability, it could increase the CBD concentration in your body. Taking CBD on an empty stomach will help your body clear it faster than on a full stomach.

How Should I Take the CBD?

CBD teaHow CBD enters your body will affect when it gets out. You can take CBD edibles, which take the longest to reach your bloodstream. CBD edibles will first reach your stomach, where it breaks down and enters your liver before entering your blood. This is why CBD gummies take a long time to start the effects.

CBD oil will bring immediate effects since it takes less time to dissolve in your blood. You keep one or two drops of oil beneath your tongue for two to three minutes, and CBD will enter your blood via your mouth’s mucous membrane. The downside of CBD oil is the flavor, which is not favorable to everyone.

CBD vapes work the fastest because smoke enters your lungs and immediately dissolves CBD in your blood. It only takes a minute for the CBD to start working if you inhale it. However, the faster CBD enters your body, the quicker it will get out of your body.

How to Get CBD Out of Your Body

If you rest and spend your time as usual, it will take days for CBD to leave your body. You can force it out quicker by changing your routine and getting more active through exercise. CBD mainly exits your body via sweat or urine, so drinking plenty of water and workout works best. Apart from increasing your water intake and training, here are other methods you can try.

Eat Foods Rich in Fiber

Your body waste will take out CBD, so consuming fiber-rich foods will increase your bowls allowing faster CBD removal. You can eat more vegetables, beans, and fruits for your body to function faster. In the meantime, don’t consume food with fat as it might interfere with your detoxification efforts.

Try a Water Pill (Diuretic)

A diuretic increases the water flow in your body, allowing your kidneys to remove sodium much faster. Since CBD also goes out via urine, upping your water intake increases your urination, allowing CBD to exit much quicker.

However, taking this much water will dilute your urine and make it appear pale, but there is nothing to worry about. While taking a diuretic, make sure not to give your urine sample to labs, as they’ll decline it because of low creatinine levels.


If you have ever wondered how to get CBD out of your body, it is not that complicated, and all you need is to increase the waste leaving your body. CBD exists through sweat, urine, and other body waste. To speed up the process, you can eat fruits, and fiber-rich foods, drink plenty of water and exercise to remove the traces of CBD from your body.

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