How to Make CBD Oil Taste Better

People who have never tried CBC oil may have certain assumptions about its taste. If you tried it at least once and found it quite a turn-off, don’t worry; you are not alone, but there are many ways to make CBD oil taste better. 

There are many different opinions regarding the taste of CBD oil. Talking about pure CBD oil, the taste is grassy and pungent since it is directly extracted from cannabis plants. Yet, some people describe it as having a strong taste because we have different taste buds. Keep in mind that many people use CBD oil and supplements for health reasons and recreational use. Therefore, it is good to have different options allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of using CBD oil.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

cbd oilAs we have already stated, the oil’s taste depends on individual preferences. Not everyone has the same preference regarding taste. Sometimes the difference in taste can be influenced by the way you ingest CBD oil.

We attribute the differences in the taste to naturally occurring cannabinoid extracts. Also, the earthy-grassy is primarily due to a chemical compound called ‘Terpene”. It is believed that the hemp plants contain nearly 200 distinct classes of terpenes. The terpenes are aromatic compounds present in plants such as pine, lavender, cannabis, etc. Terpenes give off an intense odor and taste, which some people think is too strong. This is why CBD oil has a strong flavor. But CBD oil’s natural flavor is an advantage because it is excellent when blended adequately with other sweet flavors.

Ways to Make CBD Oil Taste Good

It is okay if you find CBD oil quite overwhelming. The intense taste of CBD oil should not be a reason to stay away from all the rich benefits.

Below, we have written some simple tips to make CBD oil taste just like you want it and improve your experience with CBD oil.

  • Go for Capsules

If you want to avoid the strong taste of CBD oil, going for capsules is the most convenient choice. Not only does that help you avoid the strong taste, but using capsules allows you to control the quantity of CBD oil you consume. You can easily use this tip by getting empty capsules readily available in ordinary pharmacies. Fill them up according to your requirements. Swallow the pill and enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. This method, however, comes with a slight drawback, i.e., low metabolic and absorption rate, which may deprive you of the full benefits. While moving through the gut, useful substances in CBD oil are drained away from the system. So, it is generally an excellent choice to set the doses yourself, keeping in mind the setbacks. Nevertheless, as a new user, CBD capsules are a golden choice to tolerate the intense flavor. 

  • Add a Sweetening Agent

cbd oilCBD and honey are two popular organic substances that provide immense benefits to the body. Therefore, combining the two to make a super nutritious product is a clever idea. Mixing honey with CBD oil is a well-known remedy, widely used because of its convenience.

You can take a spoonful of honey and add 3 to 4 CBD oil drops according to your desired dosage. Mix the two ingredients with a typical stirrer to make a paste. Put the sweetened paste under your tongue, and soon, you will start enjoying the effects of CBD oil while appreciating the taste. 

This remedy may help you deal with many health concerns such as skin problems, cardiovascular, muscular, nervous, and irregularities with your immune system. 

Please do not limit your options to using only honey. You can mix CBD oil with many other sweets, for example- chocolate. Remember, a little creativity goes a long way. Some people take a sip of sweet fruity juice right after swallowing the pill. This quickie eradicates the strong aftertaste. However, for diabetics, consult your doctor before taking in extra processed or natural sugar with CBD oil.

  • Try Adding Yogurt

Not a big fan of sweets? Not an issue. Yogurt will do the job of masking the strong CBD taste. Take a spoonful of Greek yogurt or any other kind you might like, add a few drops of your CBD oil and mix the two ingredients. Now, you should be able to use CBD oil without issues. If this method does not suit you because you do not want to hold it under your tongue, do not worry, there is an alternative. 

Quickly swallow the yogurt-CBD mixture. It is equally effective. While opting for yogurt, do keep in mind that yogurt’s fat content improves the absorption rate of CBD. Thus, try finding yogurt with more fat content. 

  • Eating Snacks After Taking CBD Oil

A frequent complaint from CBD users is that they don’t like the aftertaste. It can stay in your mouth for quite a while, and drinking water may not clear the aftertaste. So, to kill the aftertaste, we suggest you eat your favorite snack right after taking your CBD oil. This method is easy. All you need to do is keep your comfort snack by your side when you take your CBD oil.

  • Chewing Gum and Minty Products

If combining CBD oil with other foods does nothing for you, you can try mint-flavored gums. Pick a couple of mint-flavored gums and toffees or any other form of mint and consume it after you put some CBD oil under your tongue. This will rapidly make traces of overwhelming aftertaste go away within a few minutes. Plus, you get a fresh breath as a free bonus with mints.


CBC oil has a raw, bitter, and grassy taste that appeals to some people while it may be too intense for other people. However, there are many ways to make CBD taste better. Please use any of the tips above to continue enjoying the benefits of CBD oil.

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