How to Renew Medical Marijuana Card in Iowa

Getting a medical marijuana card in the USA allows you to purchase marijuana products with higher THC concentrations. It is proof that you use marijuana for medical purposes, and even if you get high using cannabis, authorities won’t penalize you. However, each medical card expires after some time, and you’ll have to renew it. They typically expire after one year of issuing, but you can get a custom card if you travel overseas and cannot return within a year. While residing in Iowa, it helps to know how to renew¬† medical marijuana card in Iowa.

Renewing the medical card is much easier than getting a new one, plus it builds a good reputation. The state and authorities will know that this person is using cannabis legally, giving you credit for this. Moreover, you can travel easily in the USA, if you lose your card or leave it at home. Your record will be safe, and you only need to provide the card number if anyone asks. However, showing an e-card or a physical card is mandatory to purchase cannabis.

CBD products might not require a medical card, but any product with a higher THC concentration does. Since THC can be addictive and gets you high, your state won’t allow it without a medical card. Here are the steps for getting a new medical marijuana card in Iowa and how to renew it.

Medical marijuana cardHow to Get Medical Marijuana Card in Iowa

You only require a medical marijuana card if you want to use a higher THC concentration than medicine. Your doctor will prescribe you marijuana, and you’ll have to get a card to purchase it.

  1. First, get a letter from your doctor giving consent to use marijuana for medical reasons. Most cases like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and sleeplessness might require cannabis to help manage it. You can use CBD products for this, but their dosage is low, providing no effects on such conditions. If that is the case, your doctor will allow you to use products with more potent THC.
  2. Visit the marijuana website of Iowa to complete the online form and provide all the documents and information required.
  3. The website will ask you to pay the fee for the card, and you can use your debit/credit card for payment. There is no need to provide the payment slip as you’ll be paying directly into the relevant recipient’s account.
  4. After finalizing the payment, the website will take you to the print page, where you can choose the card’s orientation. After that, you can download a soft copy and ask for a hard copy which will be delivered within a week.
  5. Do not lose your card because at some point you will need to re-apply for it again. Also, keep it with you when you carry marijuana or want to purchase it.

What Is the Expiration Date of Medical Marijuana Card in Iowa

Your medical card will expire within twelve months unless you specifically ask the authorities to increase its expiration date. Moreover, if you lose the card, you’ll have to inform the authorities within 24 hours so they can start the re-issuance procedure.

How to Renew Medical Marijuana Card in Iowa

You can only ask for a new medical marijuana card after your old card is expired. Usually, the authorities will inform you a month or week before its expiration, but you can also check the expiration date on the card to keep track of it. The procedure to renew a card is relatively easy as you don’t need to provide all the information again.

  1. Visit the same website as previously and use your credentials to log into your account. The first time when you enter your data, the site will ask you to create an account based on the data you provide.
  2. If your card is expired, the website will automatically redirect you to the renewal page.
  3. Check if all your information is still correct. If there are any changes, update your information before clicking on save. 
  4. Follow the payment and printing steps you’ve used before when applying for the card. Wait for a week to get a physical card if you opt for it, but an e-card is more than enough in most cases.

Requirements to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana in IowaNot everyone qualifies for getting a medical marijuana card in Iowa. There are some basic requirements, and then you’ll have to fulfill requirements specific to the platform from where you’ll get the certificate.

You must be above 21 years and get written consent from a licensed medical marijuana doctor. An acceptable ID is required, like a driver’s license or state identification card proving that you are a permanent resident. Out-of-State ID cards are not sufficient, so you can only make a medical marijuana card in your state. However, you can take your medical marijuana card to another state without hassles.

If you applied via a portal, you’d need a certificate to prove that you are using medical marijuana because of your health. Once you gather all these documents, you can apply on the medical marijuana portal of your state.


This concludes our article on how to renew medical marijuana card in Iowa. The steps are simple to follow and won’t take up much of your time. However, you can only renew a card after its expiry date or in case you lose it somewhere. As long as one card is active, the authorities won’t provide you with another card.

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