How to Store Marijuana Seeds: Key Things to Consider When Storing Marijuana Seeds

High-quality marijuana starts with healthy seeds. It is, therefore, crucial to store marijuana seeds in the best way possible. In this article, we will discuss how to store marijuana seeds. It is really easy, but you need to ensure the right conditions are set. You should store marijuana seeds in a vacuum-sealed jar, kept in a cool dark place. Some people place the jar containing seeds in a fridge. The coolness keeps it for up to six months.

Storing marijuana seeds under the right conditions allows you to preserve the cannabinoid features for a longer time. If you keep them in bad condition, the germination rate of your favorite marijuana may not be as you expected, with many seeds failing to grow into the plants.

Also, without good storage, most of the seeds may start germinating. Factors such as water and sunlight will trigger the plants to sprout. Also, storing your marijuana seeds under the wrong conditions may end up causing some seeds to rot before the time you want to plant. 

Notably, most users prefer growing their marijuana instead of buying it. However, most beginners interested in growing weed lack information on how to store marijuana seeds correctly. To help anyone experiencing difficulties, we will discuss some practical ways of storing marijuana seeds. But first, why would you want to store these seeds properly?Marijuana Seeds

Importance of Proper Storage for Marijuana Seeds

If you store marijuana seeds properly, they can still sprout even after five years. To prevent sprouting during storage, you should keep the seeds away from oxygen and light because these elements will cause germination when you are not ready to plant.

In addition, if you store the seeds correctly, they will germinate fast after planting. Some growers may keep the seed for a long time when factors prevent them from planting the seeds at a go. In that case, there is no reason for the extra seeds to be wasted. Experienced growers use proper storage methods to preserve the leftovers.

Factors to Consider Before Storing Marijuana Seeds

Starting with healthy seeds is essential if you want a good yield during harvest. Consider the following factors before storing the seeds.

  • Illumination

If exposed to sunlight or UV, marijuana seeds begin to develop because of their nutrients. This is a significant problem because they will have no nutrients to survive on when it is time to germinate.

Therefore, keeping the seed in a dark, cool, and dry place is best to avoid this. Make sure you keep them the way they were packed originally and delivered from the farm. Also, you can keep the light away by using an opaque container or a fridge to store the seeds. 

  • Temperature Fluctuation

It would help if you kept your seeds at lower temperatures to prevent them from germinating. However, you can use special refrigerators to store your seeds. With these refrigerators, you can set your preferred temperature. The temperature should range from 43 to 47 degrees.

It is important to remember that the temperature should remain unchanged for the best long-term results. This is because the seed’s quality can be compromised if the storage temperature keeps changing.

  • Humidity Levels

The humidity level is another critical factor to consider when storing marijuana seeds. For the seeds to germinate, a moist humidity condition is needed. So, it’s good to store the seeds in low humidity. This is because humidity and moisture soften the shell making the seed germinate.

Moreover, when storing marijuana seeds, the water content inside the seed must be around 10% for long-term viability. Nevertheless, storing the seeds in a refrigerator can be an excellent way to maintain proper humidity levels. You can best do this by ensuring that the seeds are in a dry, well-sealed, and very dark container before putting them in a fridge. It is also good to maintain constant humidity of around 10%. If you fail to do this, any insect eggs inside the seed may hatch and begin reproducing if the humidity drops below 8%. Similarly, if the humidity goes above 10%, the seeds may start to rot.

Best Tips to Store Marijuana Seeds

The following are the best tips for storing marijuana seeds.

  • Use Right Container

Marijuana Seeds

The first thing to consider is a suitable container for storing the seeds. Don’t just use any container you have. The best container to use must be made of only one material. It’s good to note that containers of different materials behave differently regarding temperature and other environmental changes.

Therefore, this will allow undesirable conditions to ruin your stored marijuana seeds. Glass containers are the best, although some people use plastic containers for storage. Plastic containers have tiny holes, so air may damage your seeds.

  • Maintain Clean Storage Environment

A clean storage environment also means a lot when it comes to methods of marijuana storage. Pests, such as ants, can quickly destroy your marijuana seeds if they happen to access the container in which you are storing your seeds. This helps keep pests away.

A clean storage area also prevents contaminants like microbes from ruining the seed’s quality. So, if you keep the environment clean, you can be assured of consuming non-contaminated marijuana after planting.

  • Keep Moisture Away

Moisture is needed for germination, so keeping a constant moisture level of 5% to 9% is a good storage condition. You can use a sealed and airtight container to maintain humidity. Also, you can add some silica packets to absorb moisture. This can help prevent rotting.

  • Maintain Airtight Storage

Another thing to remember when storing marijuana seeds is to keep the seeds in an airtight storage jar. This will prevent the seeds from rotting hence ensuring long-time viability.

  • Maintain Constant Temperature

Another helpful tip for storing marijuana seeds is to maintain a constant temperature of around 40 degrees. You can achieve this by keeping the seeds inside a fridge. However, keep the temperature constant to preserve the seeds.


If you buy marijuana seeds, you may need to keep them for some time before planting them. It is best to store them away from direct sunlight. Use a dark cupboard with low humidity and temperature. Also, you need an airtight container if you intend to store them for a long time.

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