How to Use CBD Concentrates?

Before learning how to use CBD concentrates, you must know what they are. CBD concentrates are obtained after all the good compounds are extracted from the hemp and cannabis plants. CBD concentrates have very high levels of cannabinoids. These are the products with the highest level of CBD content than many other CBD products available these days. People consume CBD concentrates for its properties that could help them overcome stress and anxiety without becoming intoxicated. CBD concentrates are also known to enhance sleep and reduce body aches. CBD concentrates come in different varieties with varying concentrations, forms, and textures. 

 This process may require testing many forms of CBD concentrates. However, it is best to find the most suitable product for you. You can do that, but it is best to use small quantities. Another excellent idea is reading user reviews. This way, you can read about other users with similar needs or health issues. Then you can try using the CBD concentrates they recommend.

However, you can only enjoy all the benefits of CBD concentrates when you use the products correctly.

How You Can Use CBD Concentrates

cbdCBD concentrates vary in terms of potency. You can find products with potency levels across a wide range represented as percentages. For example, a CBD concentrate can be 40-99% potent. This high potency range means that CBD concentrates contain a considerable amount of cannabinoids; therefore, users need to be careful when consuming them. The best usage instructions are to follow the maker’s instructions.

Please remember that, although it is not intoxicating, CBD concentrates can cause severe effects that may affect your mind and body if the product contains THC in high amounts. For example, some users may experience side effects such as dizziness because THC is psychoactive. Also, people react differently when using CBD because we all have different systems. If you feel something is wrong and out of control, get proper help from a doctor. 

CBD concentrates can also be used in several ways, but the most common consumption methods are inhalation, i.e., smoking or vaping. But you can also melt the concentrate and mix it with your lotion or moisturizer. People run wild with their creativity and mix concentrates of CBD into edible items, which diversify the taste. 

Here are some common ways of using CBD concentrates. These options give you alternatives to test several consumption or application methods to find the most suitable product for you. 

  • Smoking rolls
  • Vaping
  • Dabbing
  • Infusing into edibles 

Now, please note you can decide to consume CBD concentrates using different methods. What matters most is preference and the most convenient option at that time.

  • Smoking 

The most common way of using CBD concentrate is by smoking rolls with the products. The concentrates usually have a fine texture, and you can easily add them to your rolls. People often use the crumbled CBD blends to make joints that they smoke. You can easily crush the crumbs and make your joints or add them to the CBD flower you smoke. An optimal amount of CBD concentrates will spice up your smoking experience. 

  • Vaping 

Vaping is another way to consume CBD concentrates. It is the second most common method of using CBD concentrates. All you have to do is carry a handheld electronic vape cart. These carts are everywhere. Whenever you want, you can find a variety of models and brands to buy online. 

These vape carts containing concentrates also come with different flavors, making them enjoyable and always in demand. People generally use the vapes at low temperatures, but it has a temperature control regulator that helps break the cannabidiols. Cannabinoids require a temperature to activate, and vape carts provide the desired temperature.

  • Dabbing


Users often inhale the vaporized concentrates through dabbing. This CBD consumption method involves using a piece of special equipment, which we refer to as a dab rig.

Traditionally this was the only way for dabbing the concentrates, and it remains the preference for many users.

However, due to technological advancement, many electronic and portable dabbing options have taken the place of dab rigs.

Typically, dabbing is done by heating a surface to high temperatures and then spreading the concentrates over it. The hot surface will cause the concentrates to vaporize, and the users inhale the vapors.

Dabbing CBD concentrates has a really fast and strong impact. A friendly piece of advice is to use small amounts of CBD dabs at a time. Especially if you are not a frequent user, please start with low quantities.

Infusing CBD Concentrates into Edibles

Mixing CBD concentrates is a new way of ingesting CBD concentrates. Consumers mix and match their tastes and come up with unique combinations of CBD concentrates with different edibles, topical creams, and tinctures. They melt the concentrates with a carrier oil or butter and then add the product to a range of items. Among these, edible infusions are common and a favorite for many users. Some of the common edibles with which concentrates can be infused are as follows:

  • Butter
  • Fruity smoothies
  • Different sauces
  • As a seasoning

Other than all these methods, people also apply CBD mixed lotions on their skin. They melt the concentrates and add them to lotions or creams.

Effects of CBD Concentrates

The effects of CBD concentrates depend upon how you are consuming the product. If you topically apply CBD concentrates, the results can not be very significant because it does not enter your bloodstream. If you eat the concentrate with any edible item, the effects last around 10 – 12 hours. And lastly, the impact of smoking or vaping lasts for about 4 hours. 

Almost all the users say that there are no intoxicating effects after using concentrates, but it can make you a little dizzy and lose focus. If we look at the bright side of the situation, CBD concentrates helps relieve aches, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance sleep, cure muscle pain, and may reduce chronic pains.


We can conclude that there are several options regarding how to use CBD concentrates. The best approach is to find out what works for you. We have discussed multiple options above. You should study them and make the most convenient choice.

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