How to Use CBD Oil for Gum Disease

If you are suffering from gum diseases, CBD can help you relieve the pain and assist you with the condition. The research on CBD continues, and scientists are always coming up with the new functions that it may perform in your body. However, it certainly has therapeutic properties that can make your life much better. 

These benefits serve as the primary reason people become inclined toward the compound. With time different states are also making changes to their policy due to the growing trend of CBD. People now use the substance in various products for several problems.

How Can CBD Help With Gum Disease

teethThere are a variety of ways CBD impacts different regions in your body. It follows the classical and unusual routes to reach your organ and produce the desired effect. The compound mostly travels through the blood and goes to almost all the body parts. Therefore its impact is so profound and long-lasting.

Moreover, these features also help you use CBD for various disorders such as gum diseases. We need to establish specific facts to know the precise pathway and details through which CBD can benefit your oral health.

  • Antibacterial Properties of CBD

CBD has excellent antimicrobial properties. These indicate that it acts as a killing agent toward certain microbes. These include the gram-negative bacteria that are usually responsible for most bacterial infections and diseases. It is a violent bacterial strain that instantly divides to enhance the degree of infection. They are typically resistant to most antibacterial agents. These findings have allowed scientists to believe that CBD can also be used in some antibiotics.

Moreover, it is also effective against the other class of bacterial species. These include gram-positive bacteria. Both these gram-positive and negative bacteria can be found on various infectious sites. These may also result in inflammation, and in some cases, the wounds may worsen and cause pain.

  • Instant Action

CBD efficiently and immediately takes action against these bacteria. It disrupts their membrane and films that are primarily responsible for their survival. As these membranes break down, the bacteria do not have the mechanism to maintain their existence.

  • Effective Against Resistance

In classic cases of antibiotic activity, increasing the dose develops resistance in the bacteria. As a result, their colonies multiply, and it becomes difficult to eradicate them. However, the research indicates that increasing the amount of and dose did not cause resistance in the bacteria. The high amount of CBD proved to be beneficial in accelerating the process of killing the bacteria.

It also helped the experts develop particular insights. These dictate that by retaining the properties of CBD and slightly altering its structure, we can use it in medicines. Afterward, companies can begin the commercial production of the compounds. It can be a revolutionary step for medical sciences as bacteria grow more resistant with each passing day. With this approach, we can treat various diseases and infections.

Gum Diseases

CBDMultiple diseases may begin by affecting your gums. Afterward, they move on to your teeth and may even impact the jaws. It can be alarming for your dental hygiene and may require potent treatments. Let us understand the details of gum diseases to know how CBD can help with your oral health.

  • Infections

Gum infection starts when bacteria in your mouth multiply instantly and uncontrollably. When the plaque begins building up in your mouth, it may lead to cavities. These usually result due to poor hygiene. However, a propensity towards gum infection may also speed up its development. In some cases, genetic disorders may lead to gum diseases.

  • Pain and Inflammation

Your gums may initially become swollen or start itching. Afterward, the inflammation becomes too much, and you may even begin to feel pain. These usually fall in the category of neuropathic pain. Therefore they are pretty sharp, sudden, and long-lasting. These infections may further intensify and start affecting your teeth.

  • Tooth Decay

Cavities can also weaken the hold between your gums and teeth. As a result, your enamel starts grinding down, and you may get early signs of tooth decay.

The Pathway of CBD

CBD binds to the two receptors CB1 and CB2, widely present in your body. The CB2 receptor produces the sensation of pain and causes inflammation. There it has a significant role in bacterial infections.

It is also associated with the immune system, where it helps the cells kill certain bacteria that might lead to severe disorders. Once CBD binds to the receptor, it can decrease the swelling and the pain. Moreover, the therapeutic effects also soothe your senses and relax your mind.

How to Use CBD for Gum Diseases

Using CBD for battling gum diseases is quite simple. All you have to do is add the products into your brushing routine. Every time you clean your teeth, you can use CBD oil and keep it under your tongue for a few minutes after brushing. You can also add oil to your oral hygiene products. In some cases, gargling through warm water and a few drops of CBD oil can take care of your mouth and throat.

Moreover, you can also spread it across your teeth in small amounts. There are certain mouthwashes and kinds of toothpaste available that may contain CBD. They can also help you in enhancing your overall oral health.


CBD can be pretty helpful for gum diseases, and using it constantly can allow you to get better oral hygiene. However, it would help to remain mindful of the dry mouth side effect of CBD. It would be best if you hydrated your mouth as soon as you use CBD in the brushing routine to prevent it. Ensuring optimal amounts of saliva and using CBD oil for the gums will maintain their health.

Most people report that with time, CBD has helped them with oral disorders. It also assists them with the anxiety they usually get before the dentist’s appointment. Therefore you should instantly add CBD to your morning rituals to gain good results.

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