How to Use CBD Shatter

Using CBD products has become a preference for most people who need quick relief for pains and anxiety, among other health issues. Makers of products with cannabinoids have taken over the market, providing many credible products users enjoy. But for people new to CBD, it’s easy for them to be overwhelmed by the multiple products available in the marketplace. One thing is certain, surveys have proven users demand more potent products. This is common among people who have been using CBD for a long time. It is possible these users have developed tolerance and need to experience more. Therefore, CBD companies have made the CBD shatter a more potent blend for users who want stronger effects.

Though it is not popular compared to CBD oil, the CBD shatter blend provides significant benefits when used correctly. Therefore, it’s good to know more about CBD shatter and how to use it for effective results. This guide has been written to help new users discover another fantastic CBD product.

CBD shatter contains a high concentration of pure CBD. However, not much is known about it due to minimal awareness campaigns. So, in this article, we have rounded up every detail that you should know about CBD shatter. You will understand what it is, how to use CBD shatter, and the benefits you should expect while using the product.

What is CBD shatter?

CBD ShatterCBD shatter is a hemp extract that contains only CBD. Usually, the physical appearance of CBD shatter is in the form of a hard and brittle solid mass. In addition, the product is a type of CBD isolate which is best for people who only want to consume CBD and no other additive.

It is also good to know that CBD shatter is a concentrate. Therefore, the CBD content is much higher than in other CBD-based products. Using products with a higher concentration of CBD is good because the benefits are certain. You avoid using many products that have questionable levels of concentration.

How to Use CBD Shatter

Most people think CBD shatter can be easily used when cooking if they infuse it into the butter. However, melting it can destroy the cannabinoids making the final product less effective. So far, the best way to ingest CBD shatter is by CBD dabbing. But what is dabbing? Generally, it is about converting the substance into vapor by introducing some amount of heat. Then you can inhale the potent vapor.

You can do this by the use of a dabbing rig which is safe to use and more enjoyable. CBD shatter mostly comes in a small tub. So, you only need to dab a very tiny amount. Usually, the product is 90% potent; therefore, you are consuming tremendous potent CBD with every vapor you inhale. 

You must scoop out a little amount of the CBD shatter and dab it. The shatter will vaporize immediately when heated, leaving a cloudy vapor that you can inhale.

This method is superior to other conventional methods of consuming CBD. This is because of the higher quantity of CBD consumed in this way. Furthermore, you also feel the effects immediately after dabbing the CBD shatter.

Is CBD shatter legal?

Yes! CBD shatter is legal in 50 states like all other products derived from the hemp plant. However, it must contain less than 0.3% THC, according to the 2018 farm bill. 

Therefore, you can use CBD shatter anytime you feel like enjoying a hit. For that reason, CBD has now become more popular. In addition, CBD products are more effective and give faster results.

Why CBD Shatter: Benefits

CBD shatter has a higher concentration of CBD. The possible health benefits include:CBD Shatter

  • Improves Sleep Quality: Good sleep is essential to maintaining good health. Sleep disorders can cause fatigue, insomnia, and other health issues. CBD shatter has shown promising results in improving sleep quality. Similarly, it enhances the REM sleep cycle, making you have a good sleep without hassles.

  • Treating Inflammation: Such health conditions can hinder your body’s functions, leaving you with significant health problems. CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors that reduce inflammation and block the pain signals.

  • Stress and Anxiety Management: Anxiety is usually a mental condition. Anxiety and stress can make it challenging to achieve your daily goals. It is impressive to note that CBD helps to reduce anxiety symptoms. It can increase the concentration of serotonin as well as decrease cortisol levels.

Side Effects of CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is highly potent, but does that make it hazardous? According to the 2017 report on CBD by the World Health Organization, CBD is safe for consumption. Similarly, it said that CBD products are non-toxic and also very effective.

However, CBD shatter gives some mild side effects, which should not be a problem if you are generally healthy because the side effects are not life-threatening. Taking too much of the product at a time can cause dizziness, dry mouth, diarrhea, and changes in appetite. Moreover, CBD interacts with the cytochrome p450 system, which metabolizes pharmaceutical medications. So, if you are taking prescription drugs, CBD shatter may block your system from metabolizing the active ingredients effectively. For that reason, this may cause serious side effects.


CBD shatter has become an excellent choice for the large audience who vape often. The product is a CBD isolate containing pure CBD, hence a good option for those looking for a more potent CBD product and a straightforward dose. We have seen that the product has no complicated effects. The only reported effects are mild such as dizziness, changes in appetite, and dry mouth. However, the consequences can be risky when using a high amount of CBD shatter. It is also best to avoid using it while on prescribed drugs.

In addition, using CBD shatter is very easy. The easiest method of using it is to dab it. But, you have to go with lower doses since it’s a highly potent extract.

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