How to Use CBD Wax

CBD wax is a cannabinoid-based product extracted mainly from cannabis plants. Thanks to its properties and non-psychoactive nature, you can use the product legally in many parts of the world. All adults who need to use CBD wax can enjoy its benefits without worrying about hazards because it is very safe. 

Today, people have discovered many new ways to consume CBD; CBD wax is one. 

CBD wax is a highly potent concentrate. Having a product with a high potency level implies you can consume a minimal amount of CBD and experience many intense effects. You can consume the CBD wax in different ways, including vaping, dabbing, sublingually( putting small quantities under the tongue for a while, so it is absorbed into the bloodstream through capillaries), or adding the CBD wax to your diet. The sublingual method is most convenient for people who desire to experience immediate results without getting uncontrollably high. This method gives the best experience since CBD goes directly into the bloodstream. 

The manufacturers extract CBD wax in multiple ways, such as butane hash oil extraction, carbon dioxide extraction, etc. Most methods involve passing the raw materials through a closed-loop extraction system. 

Types of CBD wax

CBD WaxCBD wax exists in different forms. Knowing how different these forms are can help you decide which type of wax will be best for you. While purchasing CBD wax in the market, you won’t necessarily notice the CBD products labeled as CBD wax. Instead, you are more likely to see CBD shatter written on the product’s label. You may see other common names on the labels: CBD budder, CBD crumble, or CBD resin. You can distinguish these forms from each other on a morphological basis. However, you can also categorize CBD wax based on its composition. CBD Wax can be categorized into the following:

  • Full-spectrum Wax 

It contains up to 80 different cannabinoids, including CBD, THC, CBN, etc.). This kind of CBD wax proved the most remarkable, and it is super efficient compared to the other forms of CBD wax on the market.

  • Isolated Wax

Companies that sell CBD wax extract refined CBD through Carbon Dioxide or solvent extraction. Therefore, it is THC-free and non-psychoactive, but there is a slight issue with this method regarding the cost. Isolated wax is way more expensive than full-spectrum wax.

  • Broad-spectrum Wax

It contains almost all the cannabinoids, which usually causes an entourage effect (an effect that happens due to the presence of different cannabinoids, thus increasing the potency level of CBD)

Ways to Use CBD Wax

As stated before, users have discovered many ways to enjoy CBD wax. Each consumption method has its pros and cons, and to be honest, it comes down to personal preference. Let us discuss the most common ways to use CBD wax.

  • Vaping

CBD WaxBy far, vaping is the simplest way you can consume CBD wax. The process is quick and does not require fancy equipment. All you need is an e-cigarette or a vape pen, and you are ready to go. Inhaling CBD allows you to enjoy the effects quicker compared to other methods of consuming CBD. 

Users report feeling relaxed and in a better mood after using the CBD wax. This effect can be an excellent way to get rid of anxiety and depression. Another good reason vaping is an ideal choice is that the miniature vaping device is portable, allowing you to keep it with you when you need to move around. In contrast with other CBD products such as oils, a significant drawback is not being able to go out and use it without drawing unnecessary attention to what you are doing. That’s not the case with vaping, since nowadays, vaping is pretty popular. Hence, you can easily blend into the crowd while vaping. 

If you ever decide to purchase a vape cart, the first concern must be the dosage. You will be in control of your doses. These days, for regulation, vape pens come pre-filled with inbuilt, tiny batteries. Read the user manual carefully and set the number of puffs according to your requirement. For a beginner, experts advise raising the number of puffs gradually. Taking a large amount of CBD in one sitting might cause severe damage to your body if it has not adjusted to CBD.

  • Bonging

You can also consume CBD wax from vaping by using a bong. The bong is a pipe primarily crafted for smoking marijuana and other drugs. These pipes come in all shapes and sizes. 

Basic bong designs have a simple structure consisting of a bowl and a chamber. Fancy bongs have attractive colors and designs, but that doesn’t affect the primary function of the bong. Just place the CBD wax concentrate in the bowl and light. Inhale after wax gets melted, the same way you would smoke any other vaping product. 

  • Dabbing

Dabbing is another method you can use to enjoy the effects of CBD wax. This method is relatively new and not very popular. However, based on its innovative approach, it will be the hottest trend in the CBD market in no time. It is recommended to get CBD absorbed into your endocannabinoid system quickly. Unlike other methods, for dabbing, you must acquire some necessary equipment and constantly need to monitor the temperature to avoid burning the wax. To enjoy the process more, you might need to get used to setting the apparatus and temperature accurately. Once you have mastered the trick, you can relax and enjoy the intoxicating pleasure and the rich flavor.

  • Mixing CBD Wax with Edibles 

You can create CBD paste after infusing CBD with coconut oil, butter, or other suitable liquid. This paste is very versatile, and patients with depression and anxiety-like it. You can use the buttery paste, just like regular butter, in different dishes. Some people prefer to use it orally, but it is equally effective when added, as it is, to your favorite food and drinks.  


CBD has become a household name thanks to its minimum safety concerns and zero chances of intoxication. Refined CBD wax with little to no THC is a potent product, even when taken in small doses. You can use CBD wax in countless ways to enjoy its health and soothing benefits.

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