Is Binoid CBD Legit

Binoid is a hemp company that started its operation in 2018 and making its way to the top. Bioniod is a highly reputable brand and earned customer trust with quality products and services among all the hemp companies. The company started its operations with one goal in mind: to make cannabinoids a vital part of everyday life. But is Biniod CBD legit?

The company is relatively new, so people might have difficulty trusting it, but this brand impressed many customers. They have a vast line of CBD products available at reasonable prices. The plus point of this brand is the variety of flavors they offer, and they are not limited to one category. Each product line has a dozen flavors and multiple potencies, so newbies and old users alike can enjoy their products. Let’s learn more about this brand to see if it is legit.

Features of Binoid CBD

Binoid CBD

Like all other hemp companies, Binoid CBD follows the rules imposed by authorities, and they ensure that all the products for consumer use are clean, potent, and safe.

Naturally Grown Hemp From Oregon

Binoid CBD sources its hemp from Oregon as it is the prime location to grow and extract CBD. They can get the best hemp crops every time with the ideal weather, rich soil, and expert experience and knowledge.

Premium Extraction Methods

Binoid CBD opts for the best extraction method to remove toxins from hemp and get the highest concentration of CBD and THC from hemp. They promise to deliver the safest products and spare no expense to make them clean and safe. Moreover, their holy grail is broad-spectrum CBD products, so they extract beneficial terpenes from hemp and infuse them with CBD.

Third-Party Lab Tests

Binoid CBD tests each product five times before sending it to a third-party lab to check if its products are safe with proper potency and natural ingredients. The independent labs then run their tests and provide the test reports available on the brand’s website.

Less than 0.3% THC

Each product has less than 0.3% THC, making them non-addictive and safe to use. Moreover, you’ll only feel a slight buzz with the low THC concentration instead of getting high. Also, it helps them to continue their business as USA authorities won’t allow more than 0.3% THC in hemp products.

Multiple Discounts

Binoid CBD

Binoid CBD offers multiple discounts on each product, and these discounts are available daily. Moreover, you can get a 10% discount for being a new customer, though no subscription is available.

You can also grab discounts on bundles and unique offerings with their custom bundle option. Instead of opting for a bundle of the same product, you can choose multiple products, create a bundle and check the discounted price.

Wide Variety of CBD and Delta-THC Products

We all have heard about typical CBD and THC products, but Binoid CBD offers exclusive products. With their vast and exclusive range of CBD and THC products, the only obstacle you’ll find is choosing which one to purchase.

They have Delta-10 THC, which recently arrived on the market, and if you want HHC, they have a wide variety of HHC products. The best part is that they exclude the products with artificial flavors or ingredients and have a separate category for them. For the rest, you can check the lab reports and confirm that they contain nothing but natural ingredients.

Their most popular products sold are THC vapes, and with such a massive collection of flavors at reasonable prices, they’ll catch your eye instantly.


They’ll take around two to three days to deliver your product unless it is a holiday; in that case, it might take up to seven days. All their THC-free products can be shipped everywhere in the USA. You can send any unopened packages back within thirty days for a full refund. They’ll notify you via e-mail after receiving the package and if your package is eligible to get you a refund.

Is Binoid CBD Legit

Binoid CBD looks pretty legit with its increasing popularity and hundreds of customer reviews. They fulfill the requirements necessary to start a hemp brand, and with premium customer service, they made a name for themselves among the top CBD brands.

The problem with this brand is its refund policy. They only provide a refund on unopened packages, where they should be providing a refund on at least one open bottle like most other brands.

On the other hand, slow shipping on holidays can be a pain; most other brands charge extra but deliver the products on holidays.


Is Binoid CBD legit? This brand satisfies its customers by offering quality products, discounts, and reasonable prices. Moreover, it keeps bringing new products to ensure return customers. With its vast collection of products and flavors, this CBD brand is one to take note of.

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