Is CBD Bullshit?

In 2017, USA authorities allowed consumers the freedom to start using hemp products with less than 0.3% THC concentration in them. More people learned more about these products, making CBD brands famous. However, with fame came many questions: is CBD bullshit? Does it work, or is it just hype?

While most people were interested in CBD benefits, some were more concerned about its functionality. We understand why there are questions like that. Many people need to know if these products are worth their time and money. Also, some people have health concerns and would rather avoid using anything that could send them to the ER. 

Bullshit is a strong word; instead, you can say that some people didn’t get the results they wanted. Moreover, some users might have been extra excited to try CBD and set their expectations too high, but it didn’t live up to the hype, and they were disappointed. There are many factors in play when it comes to choosing CBD products. You make one wrong decision, and the entire experience is ruined.

On the other hand, scientists are still running ongoing tests on CBD, so there aren’t many studies to back its benefits. However, the data available from direct users prove that CBD is potent and helps people cure several issues. Using CBD for a prolonged time can significantly improve one’s brain and body and help them live their days active while sleeping peacefully at night.

Furthermore, it also depends on your body’s system and how it tolerates CBD. The dosage has to be correct to get the best results. Consuming an insufficient quantity won’t give desirable effects, while a higher dosage might cause extreme reactions. Typically, people make the mistake of starting with a higher dosage because they want to have the best results, but they have adverse reactions and several health issues. Therefore, it is best to avoid abusing CBD because that approach could cause bad experiences making the victims label it as bullshit.

Benefits of CBD


One of the best reasons CBD is better than other alternatives in the hemp industry is that it is non-psychoactive. You won’t get high while using CBD; also, it is non-addictive and has minor side effects. The medical authorities approve certain benefits of CBD, while the users confirm the benefits they experience after using these products.

Can CBD Help Treat Epilepsy?

In 2018, FDA-approved Epidiolex was released into the market, and the product contains traces of CBD. It was the first FDA-approved cannabis-based medicine that helped treat two kinds of epilepsy. This medicine is available even for two-year-old kids since kids tend to experience more symptoms of epilepsy.

Epilepsy mostly happens when there is a disrupted connection between the brain and nerve cells. Once there is a gap in that communication, the human system becomes confused, so the victim starts showing signs of spasms, losing control of their limbs and speech. CBD can help calm your brain and body to restore that nerve-brain communication. The best part is that CBD works within minutes and provides temporary relief, so someone having an epileptic episode can avoid causing self-harm.

CBD Helps Cure Chronic Pain

If you check the customer reviews on websites owned by reputable CBD brands, most people stated that CBD helped them manage chronic pain. There are many studies available that back up this benefit of CBD. However, specific variants of CBD products help cure chronic pain, but the user needs to consume a proper dosage of CBD.

You can check the product’s label or the lab reports to see if that product can provide relief from pain. Usually, the recommended products for chronic pain are CBD gummies or oil.

Solution for Anxiety

CBD products are often used to help cure the causes and symptoms of anxiety and depression. These were the first products to help people with mental problems without causing adverse side effects. CDB relaxes your brain by blocking the triggers of depression and anxiety, so you can relax and focus during social events without feeling tense.

Overall Body Relaxation

CBD helps the body and mind relax. It can help you stay focused on work or get better sleep at night. The main reason for insomnia is either pain or an over-stimulated brain. CBD helps to calm your nerves, allowing you to rest properly.

Side Effects of CBD

cbdCBD doesn’t have severe side effects when consumed alone, and the minor symptoms will go away after using it for a week. A new user may experience these side effects, but it is never life-threatening.

Some side effects are:

  • Headaches

Headache is the most common side effect that many new users may experience the first time they consume CBD products. However, the headache will go away after taking a bath or resting. It happens because of blood pressure. CBD regulates your blood pressure as the effects kick in; as the effects wear off, your blood pressure goes back to normal, possibly causing a headache.

Moreover, the CBD relaxation effect can cause a headache as your body is not used to such a sensation. While CBD helps you feel relaxed, your brain is not used to external stimuli that can alter its functions, so it will react, resulting in a headache.

  • Dry Throat

Dry throat is not a common issue, and it will go away when you drink some water. Usually, you’ll wake up with a dry throat craving some water, and it can happen to anyone, but it is nothing to worry about.

  • Fatigue

Experiencing fatigue as a side effect is quite common while using CBD. Like painkillers, CBD also suppresses the pain signals and sore muscles, so you feel relaxed. As the effects wear off, you may begin to feel the discomfort again.


Is CBD bullshit? The answer is that it is not, there might be some arguments regarding the use of CBD, but it is a very beneficial product. 

People have been using CBD for years, and they get satisfactory results. If it didn’t work for one person, it doesn’t mean others cannot use it beneficially.

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