What CBD Strain Best for Anxiety?

Most of the time, anxiety occurs due to the negative thoughts the human mind is processing. It may affect normal activities since the individual may develop social phobias and frequent panic attacks. Studies have found the best and most effective cure for issues related to anxiety is using safe and natural products that calm the mind. A good example is CBD-based products. Although CBD is not a medication option that comes with an official prescription, many users have found it helpful in dealing with their anxiety issues.

There is no doubt that CBD strains have been proven effective in treating anxiety, but users must be careful in choosing what CBD strain is best for anxiety. Also, not all CBD strains are beneficial for treatment; some strains may even worsen anxiety attacks. It is a great idea to carefully choose products that have been tested and found to be effective in helping people remain calm when exposed to anxiety triggers.

How to Find the Best CBD Strain for Anxiety 

cbdYou might have heard the phrase “one-size-fits-all.” In this case, this term is inapplicable. It is apparent that everyone has a different mind and body and thus requires a different solution to treat their problems. You can not use only one CBD strain to treat all kinds of anxiety.

The best solution is knowing how to find what strain is the most suitable for you. Generally, the strains high in CBD and low in THC effectively deal with stress and anxiety. On the other hand, an imbalanced proportion of CBD and THC might worsen the condition.

You might be thinking about how to look up the most suitable CBD strains, but we have done the hard work for you. 

Here is a list of some most suitable CBD strains that can aid you in preventing or overcoming anxiety: 

  • Remedy

Remedy, a cross between cannatonic and Afghan skunk, is a CBD strain with little to no psychoactive side effects. It contains a blend of CBD(13-14%) and THC(1%). Remedy has a lemon-pine scent that leaves the consumer feeling totally relaxed and happy. Many users often recommend Remedy because of its soothing effect without any serious side effects. 

  • Lifter

The product called Lifter is new in the hemp market. This CBD strain is a cross between super-haze and early resin bud. The Lifter is a CBD strain with around 16% CBD and a very small THC content (around 0-1%). It is aromatic and would not have a single ill effect on your daily activities. Users describe its aroma as the smell of a funky cheese with a hint of fuel. The aroma might put you back for a second but believe us when we say it’s worth trying for your benefit. 

  • Charlotte’s Web

A fancy named product and it has features that might grab your attention. It is one of the best-known CBD strains used for various purposes. Charlotte’s Web is a Sativa blend that has a blend of CBD(12%) and minimal traces of THC. The Charlotte’s Web company adheres to its unique product blend to manufacture different products for various health needs. Stress victims use this harmless CBD strain to ease anxiety and depression. There are hardly any side effects. 

  • Cherry Wine

The name is self-explanatory, as it gives an aroma of wine with a hint of cheese. If you are a wine-lover, cherry wine is the CBD strain you should try. Cherry wine is also a potent CBD strain with a CBD load of 17% and minimal traces of THC (less than 1%). According to the users, cherry wine is best for relaxing your mind and muscles without experiencing any psychedelic effects. 

  • Harle-Tsu 

Harle-Tsu is one of the most used CBD strains. Due to its high CBD ratio, Harle-Tsu received the title of ‘best CBD’ during the Emerald cup ’14. This title is the reason it has become a favorite strain among users. Harle-Tsu contains the CBD-THC ratio of 21%-0.86%. 

Consumers recommend it for managing anxiety and boosting mood and focus. Harle-Tsu might be the best option for anyone looking for a potent CBD strain. 

  • Sour Tsunami 

Sour Tsunami is one of the first potent CBD strains ever created and remains every user’s favorite. The consumers describe its aroma as a musky diesel smell with sweet undertones. Also, sour tsunami features a CBD-THC ratio of 13:1, which is ideal for general use. You should use this CBD strain to improve your mood and relax. 

How and When to Use CBD Strains

cbdAlthough the strains discussed above are lab tested and are bound to give the expected results, you must know that not every strain will work for you. Even if you are a regular CBD user, it is best to follow recommended dosage instructions. You never know what can lead to serious consequences.

Here are some guidelines about how and when to use the potent CBD strains to get the required results:

  • Whenever you are trying a new strain, start with a low amount of CBD and give your mind and body some time to get used to it before taking more. 
  • You can choose how you like to consume the strain, but we recommend non-smoking methods (using CBD oils) to protect your lungs.
  • If you are lactating or pregnant, DO NOT use any CBD strain. 
  • Avoid doing any task that requires special focus and attention, e.g., driving for at least 5-6 hours after taking the product, to avoid an accident.


Many people have confirmed CBD strains are effective in relieving stress and anxiety. The best CBD strain is the product your body can handle. Therefore, you should try a small quantity to find out your tolerance level.

Remember that even though CBD products are organic, taking these strains is not an official medication. Go to your doctor to get checked immediately. If you feel no difference in your condition even after using CBD, seek medical help.

However, with a bit of patience, you will find the perfect strain for you.

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