What Do Marijuana Seeds Look Like

Knowing what to look out for and what to expect when purchasing marijuana seeds online or from a dispensary is essential. Investing in high-quality marijuana seeds is your first step to growing successful marijuana. 

Simply looking at a specific seed can provide a reasonable estimate of its quality. Even expert growers find it difficult to understand what a healthy marijuana seed looks like, as it can be quite confusing.

As a result, this article aims to teach you how to inspect a marijuana seed and determine whether or not it is viable and healthy. Furthermore, by observing its appearance, one can also determine the quality of the seed.

What Does a Marijuana Seed Look Like?

Marijuana SeedsMature cannabis seeds look different from immature seeds since they have different appearances. The characteristics like strength, length, build, and coloring, determine whether or not it is a fully grown, healthy, and productive marijuana seed. The following section explains these characteristics in detail.

  • Color of the Seed 

The color of a fertile marijuana seed is thought to be red-brown, black, dark brown, or gray on close inspection. The peeling has a glossy or waxy texture. 

However, marijuana seeds with light colors such as green, yellow, or white are generally inferior. A light color signifies that these seeds came from an immature plant.

  • Hardness 

As they reach maturity, cannabis seeds have had time to develop a hard shell, making their skin smooth and complex. By holding the seed in the palm of your hand and pressing it gently, you will be able to determine the hardness of the seed. It is essential to notice that immature seeds will crack while high-quality sources won’t.

  • Shape and Size 

Irregularly shaped marijuana seeds are found in marijuana. Their shape is oval, their size is small, and they look like drops. It is approximately 2-3 millimeters thick and 2-5 millimeters long.

  • Float test 

To test if a seed is viable, you can use a glass of purified water. If the seed mass is adequate, it will sink within two hours, and their growth chances are better than floating seeds.

  • Reliability of the Seed Bank

The best place to buy marijuana seeds is from a reliable source that provides high-quality marijuana seeds to its customers. Furthermore, you have to do your research before getting your money into any investment. 

As you can see, there are many seed banks are available online, and choosing the one that is the best for you is not easy. Thus you should look for legit seed banks that provide top strains and the consumer reviews agree that the seeds provide exceptional yield.

How to Grow Marijuana From Seed

Marijuana SeedsGrowing your marijuana plants is like watching a baby grow from the seed to the stalk.

You can enjoy and benefit from increasing your marijuana, whether inside or outside.

Additionally, it is a way to ensure that no pesticides go into the product. 

While growing from seeds requires effort and time, it is often worth the action.

The plants grow faster and produce more buds in an ideal environment, creating massive yields.

Moreover, when marijuana plants are in an excellent, pleasant environment, their stems are strengthened. 

Read on for information on growing marijuana from seeds.

  • The Use of Grow Tents

The pleasant breeze and fresh air that a great outdoors can provide are essential for marijuana plants. It can easily serve as the ideal living environment for plants when cultivating indoors with the help of an exhaust fan or grow tent for ventilation and by manipulating the air circulation inside the tent.

If you want your marijuana plants to grow successfully in your grow tent, you need to learn how to mimic the environment outside of the tent. Additionally, you need to ensure your plants are free of mildew, mold, pests, and bugs. 

Your plants will grow faster and more abundantly if you absorb and distribute the hot air your grow lights emit and then circulate fresh air. Investing in good ventilation will be worthwhile for your plants.

The sooner you install the perfect ventilation in your grow tent, the faster your plants will grow, and you will have more minor problems with them. 

  • Air Circulation 

You must have a sound air circulation system to allow your marijuana plants to live perfectly. When growing marijuana indoors, you have to make sure that the climate resembles the natural world. 

In the growing room, the movement of air is one of the essential factors that affect the growth of your plants. Therefore, you must ensure that your plants are well ventilated.

  • Temperature & Humidity  

An exhaust system helps regulate the moisture level, and temperature in the grow tent. To accomplish this, hot and humid air is removed and replaced by fresh air. Growing areas can also benefit from fans to minimize burning and damp patches. 

In addition, you can use spectra-led grow lights to improve the illumination while reducing the heat generated by the lighting. 

  • Prevent Bugs and Molds 

A humid area with hot temperatures and stagnant air is ideal for thriving bugs and molds. Fresh, cool air can circulate inside your grow tent if you install a sound ventilation system, and mold and bugs will not thrive inside your grow tent.

  • Use Multiple Fans 

Removing stagnant air is just as crucial as air circulation. Therefore, growing tents need to have oscillating fans and exhaust fans. 


In this article, you will find everything you need to know about what healthy marijuana seeds look like. By this point, you can easily identify marijuana seeds that are healthy, high-quality, and suitable. As well as distinguishing reputable seedbanks from unreliable ones, you also know where to look.

Besides everything else, you also need to know how to create a perfect growing environment for the marijuana plant to grow. The plants need an environment that is similar to or better than the living climate outside to be healthy and thrive well.

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