What Does Marijuana Do to Your Pupils?

What does marijuana do to your pupils. The effects of marijuana on the pupils may vary depending on individual differences. However, it will undoubtedly impact your pupils. One of such effects is the dilation of your pupils, which leads to reddening of your eyes. You will often notice that you have red, ringed eyes after using marijuana. Other symptoms you could experience include euphoria and drowsiness. The red eyes usually caused by marijuana use could occur due to products that have THC in them.

The chances of observing inflamed, watery, and red eyes increase when you use marijuana products with an excessively high THC content. Sometimes, this reddening could result from the overuse of low doses of marijuana products with THC. THC acts by lowering your blood pressure and dilating your vessels. The dilation leads to the appearance of small blood vessels in the eyes. The high blood inflow is characteristic of marijuana users, and marijuana use forces blood to rush into your eyes. 

Does Marijuana With CBD Cause Reddening Like THC?

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While CBD and THC come from the same plant, you will not observe reddening when using CBD products. CBD and THC are the molecules present in the two compounds. These molecules cause the observed effects for CBD and THC products. Most people prefer to use marijuana that contains THC for its superior results. THC has mind-altering abilities, while CBD offers benefits without altering your mind. However, you must note that the mind-altering effects of THC remain illegal in most states. You can only use marijuana with THC concentrations less than 0.3%.

CBD and THC are both compounds from the same plant; however, you will find THC more abundantly than CBD. In addition, CBD offers its benefits without side effects like THC. THC could have severe side effects if used in high amounts. Hence, all THC-derived marijuana products undergo tests to confirm they do not contain more than 0.3% of the compound.

How Does THC Affect Your Body?

When THC interacts with your brain receptors, they produce dopamine, a hormone that gives a calming effect to the body and is responsible for feelings of happiness. In addition, THC also helps to alter the hippocampus, a part of your brain that regulates memories. Other effects obtained from the compound include anxiety, joy, and abnormally fast heart rates.

THC helps offer the best sedative effects and also induces the feeling of pain relief and relaxation. There is plenty of user evidence showing that the compound provides many therapeutic properties. Many users note that the product can help you reduce the frequency of seizures. THC can assist young people who have epilepsy manage the condition more comfortably and offer pain relief.

The effects observed from THC depend on the overall health of the individual, THC strain, and the dose used. Generally, it takes about 10 to 30 minutes to feel the impacts of the compound on your behavior and actions. Depending on the dosage consumed, the effects could last for about two hours.

Other researchers note that using THC could lead to short-term memory loss. However, the benefits of THC far outweigh the side effects observed when using the product. Moreover, you can minimize the side effects by adding terpenes that help reduce the negative impacts. You could also use CBD, which acts as a regulator of THC.

Is There Any Harmful Effect From Eyes Reddened With Marijuana?

Reddening of eyes from consuming marijuana does not pose any threat. As earlier discussed, the reddening comes from THC marijuana products. Since the effects derive from safe and natural sources, you may not even have any issues. The only problems you could encounter might be unrelated to the reddening. You could experience slight migraines if you use too much marijuana. In addition, you could feel sudden bursts of anxiousness that pass with time.

If you use marijuana products containing CBD, you will likely not experience reddening of the eyes. You will also not get any side effects. However, you should only use the best products free from contaminants to ensure you do not experience side effects.

How to Address Red Eyes From Consuming Marijuana

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If you experience reddened eyes from consuming marijuana, you can use these methods to help you.

Eye Drops

Eye drops help to clear reddened eyes from marijuana intake. When you apply a few drops to your eyes, you will get instant relief, and the reddening will subside. Furthermore, you will notice that the irritation reduces, and you will feel more at ease.


Marijuana dilates your pupils; hence you can use vasoconstrictors like coffee, salt, and chocolate to constrict your vessels. The constriction reduces the blood flow to your eyes and helps to clear the reddening. You can use this method if you do not like using eye drops.

Wait it out

Patience also helps in this instance. If you don’t feel comfortable eating the suggested foods or using eye drops, you can sleep and wait it out. Reddening caused by marijuana tends to clear up with time; therefore, a little sleep for a few hours will do you good. Remember to stay away from light and bright screens while waiting for the issue to improve.


What does marijuana do to your pupils? Marijuana makes your eyes red when it contains traces of THC. It dilates your pupils and causes blood to rush into your eyes. Hence, you notice the reddening in your eyes. Marijuana that does not contain THC will not make your eyes redden; therefore, CBD products won’t cause the issue. 

The reddening has no adverse effects except for irritation and some occasional migraines. You could use several techniques to help you clear your reddened eyes. Firstly, you could leverage eye drops to remove the redness immediately. If you do not fancy eye drops, you can use some vasoconstrictors like chocolate, coffee, etc., to see if the issue improves. These foods can help constrict your dilated vessels and allow normal flow to your pupils. Lastly, if you don’t feel like using eye drops or vasoconstrictors, you could sleep a while and wait for your eyes to get back to normal.

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