What Happens if a Child Eats CBD Gummies: Indications and what to do

Since it became legal, it is easier for most people to have cannabis in their homes. As a result, it is a significant risk because kids can access and eat CBD products. But what happens if a child eats CBD gummies? 

Of course, It is not unusual for a child to come across a box full of CBD gummies and eat them out of curiosity. After all, these CBD gummies look like the other types for kids and are attractive. However, if children consume CBD gummies, there are high chances of toxicity. This is evident in the rising cases of young children admitted to hospitals after accidentally consuming CBD gummies. In most cases, after a child eats these CBD gummies, they may develop severe effects like difficulty breathing.

In this article, we will have an engaging discussion on what happens if a child eats CBD gummies. You will learn to tell if a child has ingested CBD gummies and the measures to take.

CBD Gummies and Children

childThere are several studies done in the past years about kids ingesting cannabis. One of the researches done in 2019 was investigating the calls received by US poison control on cases related to CBD gummies. The results showed US poison centers were receiving more calls about children who ingested CBD gummies. The increase in cases related to ingestion of CBD edibles was mainly reported for children aged ten years and below.

In addition, other studies have also indicated the same spike in such cases. When the laws made cannabis legal, the rate of CBD accidental ingestion in young children increased at a higher rate. In such situations, most children end up being hospitalized for ingesting cannabinoids.

Why Children Are Vulnerable to CBD Gummies

Most children between the age of 3 and 5 face a higher threat of accidental ingestion of CBD by eating gummies. This is because, at this age, most kids are curious and likely to explore more things in their home or surroundings.

Moreover, CBD gummies packaging is bright and attractive. So, young kids are quickly drawn to them. Nevertheless, these CBD gummies are usually made precisely in the form of shapes that entice children.

Unfortunately, most CBD packages are made only to contain adult servings. For instance, one bar of gummy candies contains 10 mg of CBD, which only an adult should consume. So, it becomes riskier if a child eats the whole gummy.

What Happens if a Child Eats CBD Gummies

When young kids eat CBD gummies, they usually develop some symptoms. However, these symptoms will depend on the amount of CBD gummies they ate and which product. As we mentioned above, different types of CBD gummies have multiple THC doses for adults. So, if a child gets to eat the whole thing, they are most likely to experience adverse symptoms.

Common symptoms children may experience after eating CBD gummies are body weakness, drowsiness, and redness of the eyes. However, it will be more of a concern if they eat CBD edibles with high THC content. This could pose serious health challenges such as difficulties in breathing, mental problems, and an increase in heart rate.

It is important to remember that most CBD edibles can take a long time before they start causing effects. So, if children accidentally consume the edibles, they might not show the symptoms immediately. In that case, it doesn’t mean that the child is safe. You still need to help them.

What to Do if a Child Has Ingested CBD Gummies

cbd GummiesAfter discovering that a child has ingested CBD gummies, the first thing to do is remain calm. Do not panic. Instead, please find out the grade of CBD gummy they have consumed. 

Also, you must know the number of gummies in that package to determine the quantity the child has ingested. Further, you should know the THC content in the product.

After that, you should get assistance immediately. If the child has difficulty in breathing or behavioral changes, you must call the closest emergency response units. Also, you can report the situation to the US poison center via phone.

After ensuring your child gets the best medical attention and is safe, think of how you should prevent the incident in the future. 

Ways to Keep CBD Gummies Away From Children

You should have a plan to protect your children if you regularly use CBD gummies for health benefits or recreational use. The following are some of the best measures you can put in place.

  • Store Gummies Where the Child Cannot Reach

Remember that having CBD edibles in your house can be of significant risk to children. Therefore, you should preserve them as you would for any toxic item or medication. It is best to keep them somewhere your kids cannot reach them. Maybe it can be in a locked drawer or box.

  • Avoid Taking CBD Products When Children are Around

It would be best if you did not eat CBD gummies in the presence of your kids. Remember, they will do the same if given a chance. Despite convincing them that CBD gummies are not safe for children, they will also want to try them copying you. 

  • Create Awareness to Educate Children About the Risks of CBD Abuse

Creating awareness enhances a secure environment for young kids. Inform your children about the risks of CBD gummies and other related CBD edibles. Also, talk to your family members, friends, and babysitters that they should not expose children to CBD products.


Unfortunately, most kids have been copying what their parents do by ingesting CBD gummies they find in the house.

But remember, all medications, including supplements, should be kept out of reach of children. However, if it happens, don’t panic. Instead, keep calm and contact the nearest emergency services and US poison centers for guidance and help.

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