What Happens When I Stop Taking CBD Oil

If you have been consuming CBD for an extended period and stop abruptly, you might get withdrawal symptoms. People use CBD for several purposes, including pain, anxiety, and chronic and acute disorders. The substance helps them with their condition, and they can see the visible changes.

With each passing day, people are taking up CBD. These numbers can reach more than 23 billion within the next few years. Therefore these numbers suggest that people not only use CBD for recreational purposes. They also use it for every physical and mental disorder that befalls them.

The Consequences

CBDWhen you use compounds like CBD for a long time, your body becomes used to them. Your processes and mechanism start may even start depending on these compounds. Your body adapts to these new pathways, and you might notice some changes. In such cases, abandoning these compounds will lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Your body might go into a state where it may take time to suit the new conditions. Your metabolic process and other functions will also suffer the consequences. Therefore, it is essential to know all the aspects of getting CBD out of your system.

Does CBD Have Withdrawal Symptoms

Following are some of the withdrawal symptoms you may get once you stop using CBD.

  • Anxiety

This is one of the most common conditions that affects masses. Everyday people become subjected to anxiety, and it often gives rise to other conditions that can be damaging to your mental and physical health. Therefore to mitigate these states, people often use CBD for anxiety.

The substance significantly reduces anxious behaviors and calms down the mental state. Thus consistent use of CBD may help you relieve stress and get to a calm stage. Having sudden and a high degree of panic and anxiety attacks can be common for people already suffering from these issues once they stop taking CBD.

Your anxiety may trigger more frequently. These instances may be even more than when you did not take CBD for anxiety. Sometimes even the slightest inconvenience may start impacting you. In such cases, your mental state may even begin declining. You may find it difficult to relax your mind.

These changes may even start to impact the work-life balance for such people. Moreover, it may also enhance the risk of depression development in some people. In these cases, it becomes hard to manage these withdrawal symptoms.

  • Pain

If you use CBD for chronic pain, you might get these symptoms. Various disorders such as back pain, arthritis, and other joint diseases are pretty painful. In some cases, certain oral conditions also give rise to sharp and discomforting sensations classified as neuropathic pain. Moreover, people also use CBD for short-term pain reflexes that may arise due to injury or burns.

The substance considerably reduces their pain perception allowing their body and mind to relax. CBD binds to the receptors from the endocannabinoid system involved in your ability to feel intense pain. When it binds to them, it creates a soothing effect thus relieving the pain.

Research also shows that CBD has helped people with multiple painful disorders. If you use the compound for such issues, you get the pain back as soon as you stop the CBD usage.

In some cases, your pain perception may even become more extreme than usual. Your body may require some time to normalize your pain receptors. These citations are more difficult for people going through neuropathic pain. If you get acute and nociceptive pain common in wounds, these may become slightly too much for your tolerance abilities.

  • Insomnia

cbd oilIt is another common CBD withdrawal symptom that persists for a long time. The findings on CBD establish that it can help with sleep deprivation and may even fix your cuticle. It helps regulate your internal clock and activities according to time changes, and therefore you are likely to feel more energetic and motivated throughout the day. In contrast, you get the cake sensations that may help you sleep at night. If you constantly use CBD, these changes become ingrained into your habits.

When you stop using and at first, you may find it difficult to work through the day. Gaining motivation and using your potential to finish your task becomes challenging. Therefore when you do not utilize your energy, you are likely to remain active through the night. However, in some cases, when people even work all day, they find it tough to get an optimal night’s sleep.

Your head starts swarming with irritating thoughts that make it even harder for you to relax. Insomnia leads to various other side effects that may make your situation worse.

  • Sweating

It is another significant withdrawal symptom of CBD. It may occur in some people, and research suggests that people with severe withdrawal effects are less likely to get it. However, it is more prevalent in pep with mild or moderate symptoms.

The sweating may initiate abruptly. It does not matter if you are doing harsh exercise, and it may also not happen as a side effect of panic or anxiety. The amount of sweat that your body produces is higher than usual. Moreover, opting for a shower, hydration and scent may not solve the issue.

Other Effects

Several withdrawal effects may occur depending upon your state and the particular problem for which you use CBD. These symptoms are uncalled for, and they may appear for a short term or remain there for the rest of the day. Some even last for months or years.

In case of severe effects, you may have to restore additional measures or medication to get rid of them. Following are some of the other impacts of CBD withdrawal.

  • Nausea
  • Aggression
  • Fatigue
  • Mood disorders
  • Headaches
  • Digestion issues
  • Loss of appetite
  • Irritation
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Restlessness

Facts to Consider

The effects of CBD withdrawal depend upon several factors that played a role during your CBD consumption days. Research suggests that the way you use CBD may affect withdrawal symptoms.

They are three levels of these effects that people may feel. These include mild, moderate, and severe. Mild symptoms usually go away. However, severe symptoms may take quite some time to disappear. 

Your CBD dose and time are essential in determining these impacts. The higher the amount and the more frequent use of CBD led to severe effects. If you use medicinal CBD, you might get mild or no symptoms. However, people using the pre-rolls of flowers usually suffer from extreme impacts. Oils and edibles may cause severe to moderate effects depending upon your dosage and degree of dependence.


Every CBD user goes through the withdrawal effects. The way you deal with these impacts is significant. You can take some measures that may tone down these effects, and you should maintain your diet, nutrition levels, and hydration. Moreover, taking cold showers may also rectify your dopamine levels affected after the withdrawal.

In some cases, exercise and talking about your condition also help. It would help if you did everything to get your body back to normal. Therefore, you will have to target the domains that release the same chemicals as CBD. However, these should not include any drugs or other substances.

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