What is Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis distillation is a novel strategy that separates pure cannabis contents from the hemp plant. The distillate is the final product after the refining process is complete. There are instances where manufacturers add carrier oils to distillates and sell the mixture as a variant with additional benefits. But is cannabis distillate a good choice for the market?

Now you must be wondering why everyone is talking about these cannabis distillates. Many people demand these products even though they don’t have any taste or smell? It is all about the unique properties and effects. There is a need to find out more about how these distillates can be a better choice for you. 

If you are just coming into the cannabinoid world, it is normal if all these nerdy terms sound puzzling. In simple terms, cannabis extracts undergo extensive processing to generate pure cannabinoid products with up to 99% CBD or THC ratio, and these highly refined products have incredibly high potency. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol, often abbreviated as THC and CBD, these compounds fall under the phytochemicals classification. These phytochemicals are the naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant. Cannabis contains many useful compounds, but CBD is the second most popular on the list. 

Due to its non-psychotropic nature, many people use cannabis for different purposes. Consumers range from being patients to those who casually smoke it for recreational purposes.

On the contrary, hemp plants synthesize the chemical THC in abundance, and its production is the highest among all the phytochemicals. Unlike CBD, THC is psychoactive, and this property allows it to interfere with brain functions. We know that THC is what makes you high by letting you feel euphoric. 

You can use pure CBD and THC in many ways, including dabbing and vaping, or you can add them into the diet. 

Are Concentrates and Distillates the Same?

Cannabis DistillateConcentrates and distillates are the two words newbies often mix up. For starters, the distinguishing factor between the two is the presence of natural terpenes. The naturally occurring terpenes in cannabis are responsible for their distinct odor and taste. Unlike concentrates, a distillate usually is odorless and tasteless.

In contrast, a concentrate possesses an aroma and a grassy raspy taste. Also, the distillates go through a rigorous manufacturing process, and there are no contaminants in the final product. Thus, distillates do not have any aroma or taste. 

On the other hand, most terpenes still exist after obtaining concentrates. Therefore, these products have a characteristic scent and flavor. 

Considering the pros and cons of the two products, a concentrate is slightly less effective than a distillate because of the additional compounds present. This natural form might be good for users who do not want to consume products with several compounds they do not know. 

Are Distillates Intoxicating?

Whether the distillate makes you high or not depends on its properties and the type you have been consuming. If you are consuming THC distillate, you will likely feel very high after using the product. THC distillate is 99% pure THC, so it will substantially affect your brain functions. On the other hand, you do not need to worry about getting high if you go for CBD distillate, as CBD can not induce a high. 

How to Use Distillates?

There are infinite options you can choose from to consume distillates. These options include: vaping, using distillate pens, etc. 

If you are not a big fan of smoking or vaping? That is not a problem. Adding the distillate into the edibles is a good idea. You can also prepare oils at home or add a few drops to your food and drinks. Remember that distillates are highly potent due to relatively concentrated cannabinoid content. So do not exceed your normal dose to avoid a harsh reaction. Also, it is best for new users to start consuming these products in small quantities, gradually increasing their consumption until they feel comfortable. 

Another method is sublingual administration. Drop some of the distillate under your tongue and let it absorb. This will not make you uncomfortable because distillates are mostly tasteless. 

Vape pens are highly popular among cannabinoid consumers and are readily available in the market. These pens come with a cartridge with the distillate inside, a heating element, and a built-in battery to power the heating element. Typical vape pens vaporize the distillate by heating it, and then you can inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece. 

How to Extract Distillates

Cannabis DistillateDistillate extraction does sound simple, but the process is not that easy. It requires a bunch of reactions that must happen simultaneously. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of a typical cannabinoid distillation process.

  1. The first step is the extraction of crude cannabinoids. This step can be performed physically, using a sieve, or chemically using Butane Hash Oil (BHO) or supercritical fluid carbon dioxide extraction techniques.
  2. The second step is winterization. This step means all the redundant plant materials such as waxes, terpenes, fats, lipids, chlorophyll, etc., are discarded. The raw extract is mixed with ethanol and cooled for 24-48 hours. The impurities settled down at the bottom of the container and were eventually removed.
  3. At this point, the distillate is quite ready but not yet potent. To make the distillate useful, it should be heated. We call this step decarboxylation. Every cannabinoid is required to undergo this process to become potent.

Finally, the product is further processed to yield a highly pure and potent distillate. 

If you are a cannabinoid consumer who likes to consume it for fun or dealing with some medical issues, you have many choices to opt for. These options are dependent on your preference.


The bottom line is that distillates are way better than concentrates in terms of effectiveness. You can use these distillates in therapeutic and recreational ways. 

Since the distillates are tasteless and odorless, many manufacturers add products to give them a sweet flavor and aroma. Finally, one of the minor setbacks when obtaining cannabis distillate is that due to the complete eradication of terpenes, they might lose some medicinal effects. 

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