What Is Dabbing CBD?

Whether you are a newbie or a longtime CBD user, you might have heard about the word “dabbing.” It is a new method of consuming concentrated CBD. Dabbing was introduced to the public and has been many users’ favorite CBD consumption method for quite a while. 

You can use CBD by dabbing and enjoy all the benefits. It is easy and quick. Also, dabbing allows you to control the quantity of CBD you consume at all times. 

CBD dabs are concentrates extracted from marijuana and hemp. Unlike regular CBD products, these dabs are pure and can not be diluted with other products. Popular CBD dabs are readily available in online stores and physical CBD outlets, such as BHO, an abbreviation for Butane hash oil wax. You can also find the CBD dabs as crystals, shatters, honeycomb, pull-and-snap, etc. These different products vary slightly in consistency and texture, but one thing that makes them similar is the abundant amount of CBD. This article will enlighten you about the process involved and the pros and cons of dabbing. 

What Dabbing Exactly Means

Dabbing CBDDabbing is a technique designed to help you use and absorb higher levels of CBD concentrates. Like e-juices that are vaporized and inhaled through vapes, CBD extracts are first vaporized and then inhaled using special devices. This method of consumption of cannabinoids is taking over the CBD world due to both its efficacy and simplicity.

Let us dive a little deeper into the process of dabbing. This method is undoubtedly a lot simpler than what you must have imagined. 

Firstly, the CBD concentrates are heated (basically, this is what we call “dabs”). The concentrates are available in different forms, such as wax or e-liquids. Then the heat converts the dab into vapor, ready to be inhaled. 

The vaporization process is possible because you will use a glass apparatus called a “dab Rig .” We recommend using a small dab rig because the smaller size prevents the condensation of vaporized concentrates. The nail is another essential component of the system. It is where you apply the heat using a butane torch. This vapor formed is further processed, and then it is ready for inhalation. You can inhale the vapor from the glass mouthpiece, keep it in and exhale to enjoy the impressive effects of CBD.

Beginner’s Dosage for Dabbing

Dosage levels are significantly vital if you consider dabbing as a way to enjoy CBD concentrates. If you are a first-time user, try to limit your first dose. It would be best to take concentrates in small amounts while gradually increasing the dose. 

Dosage calculation can be tricky because these devices may look minute, but they can hold a significant amount of dabs. These days, dabbing devices come with accessories such as scales to measure the user’s dose precisely. Everyone must know about the dangerous side effects of dabbing. You can find this information on a reputable CBD seller’s site. It is best to map out the doses to avoid side effects. There is no standard manual for determining the dose you must set for daily consumption. It is somewhat dependent on your body’s reaction to CBD concentrates, physiological parameters, weight, and desired outcome after using the concentrate. 

Benefits of Dabbing

There is quite a good explanation for why dabbing is one of the most preferred ways to consume CBD concentrates. Dabbing may look like a frightening process at first, but people start loving it over time for obvious reasons. Dabbing CBD

  • Efficiency

Dabbing is way more effective than traditional methods of consuming CBD. Dabbing vaporizes large quantities of CBD concentrates at a go. Your body absorbs much more CBD when you need a higher dose for immediate effects. So, if someone is suffering from severe body pain or anxiety, dabbing can help reduce the symptoms quickly. The effectiveness in absorption is primarily because dabbing allows CBD to hit the system faster, leading to lasting relief. 

  • Purity

Dabbing increases the chances of consuming only pure CBD at all times. The pure vapor has CBD extracts and minute amounts of terpenes. These terpenes aid in curing headaches and inflammation. When dabbing, the conversion of concentrates under heat filters out irrelevant substances that might ruin the final vapor you inhale.

  • Fast action

People often opt for dabbing because of its rapid action. Dabbing allows the user to enjoy CBD’s benefits in the blink of an eye. Compared to oral CBD consumption, inhaling heated concentrates is much faster. Hence, dabbing is a good option for people who want to fast relief from symptoms that CBD can alleviate.

  • Flavor and Temperature Control

One of the additional dabbing benefits is that this technique gives the user some free hand to adjust temperature and flavor according to their desire. You can use the nail to monitor the temperature. The temperature is the main factor that can make a difference in your experience. Also, you will enjoy the flavors more when you regulate the temperature correctly. It is crucial to reduce the temperature to avoid the burnt taste that comes up when it is too high.

Side Effects of Dabbing

Dabbing CBD

Each CBD consumption method has its pros and cons. There are a few things you must consider while dabbing. 

  • Physical Side Effects

Since dabbing delivers a large amount of CBD concentrates, some people may observe a few side effects, such as drowsiness, changes in sleep patterns, diarrhea, and sudden weight changes. These side effects vary from one person to another.

  • Allergy to CBD

A severe reaction may happen if the user is allergic to certain chemical compounds in the CBD concentrate. This technique is not suitable for people with sensitive systems as dabbing releases a high concentration of CBD, which goes into the body.

  • Novice Users

If someone has no prior experience with CBD, it may not be the best idea to go for dabbing. This is because their system may struggle to adjust to a considerable amount of CBD concentrates the very first time. 


Dabbing has become a preferred way to consume cannabis in the last few years. Also, dabbing is one of the fastest ways to feel the incredible effects of CBD. Even though this innovative technique is harmless, certain precautions are necessary to enjoy the experience. 

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