What Is Marijuana Wax and Shatter?

The cannabis plant has many usable parts. Over the years, people have taken them for different purposes. There are hemp, marijuana, flowers, and other parts. However, extracts from the plant are not as popular as the more visible parts. So, not everyone is familiar with what they are or can do.

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the potential and benefits of using cannabis extracts. The truth is that the effects of the extracts are typically the same as those of the cannabis plant. After all, the active compounds are not different in the extracts as in the plant. However, the experience you get from using the various extracts differs from using the flower or leaves.

So, what is marijuana wax and shatter? The wax is one of the extracts from the cannabis plant, the same as the shatter. They appear in different forms, so they are useful for various purposes. Let us look at the extracts and the details of wax and shatter.

Cannabis Extracts: What They Are

Marijuana Wax and ShatterExtracts from the cannabis plant can be anything, as long as it comes from a part of the plant. The extracts can come from hemp or marijuana and typically contain high amounts of popular cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), among other cannabinoids. Hemp is legal, while marijuana is still largely illegal because of the high amounts of THC.

When you grind cannabis, whether the leaves, flowers, stem, or any other part, and pass a solvent through the ground material, you create a cannabis extract. The solvent can be any safe and industry-standard one, from CO2 to hexane or butane. Through one of these extraction processes, you get wax and shatter from different parts of the cannabis plant.


It is an extract of the plant gotten when cannabis buds are soaked in the solvent butane hash oil (BHO). When they are in the solvent, you can palace them in a vacuum or oven at room temperature to separate the buds from the butane. How the buds form after that will depend on pressure, handling, and temperature.

Typically, the buds should form oil, but whether the oil becomes strong or malleable depends on the above factors. If the oil contains moisture, it is more likely to become soft and waxy when it solidifies, and oil without water tends to become a little more solid. Wax is the more solid waxy substance from drier cannabis oil.


Shatter is a more solid type of cannabis concentrate. You can get it through the same means as the wax but differently. You typically leave the resultant oil from the cannabis buds without disturbance in making wax. That way, it can solidify to become wax. 

However, for shatter, you shake and stir the oil while it is cooling. Consequently, it solidifies and forms differently, and it looks like glass, with a translucent appearance. The effects of wax and shatter are the same because they both come from cannabis buds oil, although they appear different.

Primary Differences

Marijuana Wax and ShatterWax and shatter are not the same products, even though they are both cannabis concentrates. Good-grade cannabis wax is elastic and opaque, has the consistency of excellent coconut oil, and is easy to make. The good part is that the consistency makes the wax easy to measure for usage. It is also not as stable as shatter, so it degrades quicker.

On the other hand, shatter is solid, almost like glass, and is brittle to touch. In other words, it can easily shatter. It takes a longer and more complex process to produce, but it lasts longer because of its stability. However, it is more difficult to measure usage.

Both concentrates should be amber or gold without any tint. If you notice a dark or green shade, they may have plant matter, making them less potent. Using the correct extraction method should eliminate all plant matter. Therefore, it may indicate incorrect extraction if you notice a color change.

Wax and Shatter: Usage

Ideally, you inhale wax and shatter. Top-quality products should have an almost imperceptible, cannabis-like smell. You use a dab rig to take any of the concentrates. Get a scoop of wax and deposit it on the nail of the rig. If you use shatter, break off a shard from the whole piece and place it on the nail. Then, light the dab rig with a lighter. 

The concentrate will begin to vaporize, and as it does, you inhale the smoke as much as needed. This method of taking cannabis is potent because of the high concentration of THC and little or no impurities. Also, you ingest many cannabis compounds such as terpenes, trichomes, and flavonoids. In other words, wax and shatter can make you high with just a tiny amount. Take only small amounts if you are new to it.

The Ideal Choice

Wax and shatter affect you similarly because of their source and composition. The marked differences are in the production and their consistency. However, it is easier to use wax because you can measure the quantity and deposit it on the dab rig.

Shatter is harder to measure and use because it is hard. Therefore, your choice does not matter; the result may be the same. Take little amounts if you are unsure of the ideal quantity. Learn how you respond to it before increasing dosage.


What are marijuana wax and shatter? Wax and shatter come from cannabis, and marijuana is only a part of the plant. They are cannabis concentrates that you can vaporize and inhale for the high effect of THC. Each concentrate has the same production method, but the results differ.

While the wax is slightly solid, shatter is fully solid. It is easier to measure wax than to measure shatter because of the former’s consistency. Before taking either of them, ensure it is safe for your health, and take it in small doses. You can increase the dosage after some time.

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