What Is Moonrock CBD?

Ever since CBD was legalized in the USA, the competition to create the best CBD products has grown. We get to see new CBD products daily from multiple companies. While these new products are great, they are nowhere near the Moonrock CBD. But what is Moonrock CBD, and why is it so famous among old Cannabis users?

Moonrock CBD arrived in the USA in 2014 and became the most potent form of CBD. Usually, even the highest strains of CBD contain 20-25% of CBD, whereas Moonrock includes 40-50% of CDB. This form of CBD is perfect for smokers as they don’t get enough potency from standard CBD smoking. The idea behind Moonrock CBD was to provide the old CBD customers with a higher percentage. Those who have been using weed before its legalization can have difficulty adapting to low potency. The only downside of Moonrock CBD is that you can only smoke it.

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How to Make Moonrock CBD?

It is not difficult to make Moonrocks at home since they are a simple blend of different materials. However, you’ll need the natural and best ingredients to produce the best final product. You’ll need a premium hemp flower, CBD concentrate or oil, and CBD kief.

The flower will be your base, so make sure to spare no expense on this. Because if you ruin your base, the whole product will lose its potency. Ensure that the flower is dried and all the toxins are removed entirely.

Grab your favorite CBD concentrate or oil (any CBD oil would work) but make sure it is sticky. We prefer to get CBD oil available for vapes as it is thicker than regular CBD oil. The quantity won’t matter if you want to create one or two moonrocks. However, if you want lots of them, you better get lots of CBD oil.

The final thing you’ll need is CBD kief to cover the flower and oil with it. We’ll discuss CBD kief in detail below and how you can get or create it. In simple words, it is powdered and used to cover the CBD products for more potency.

You need to dip the hemp flower in the CBD oil and cover it with CBD kief. The best way to roll the oil-dipped hemp flower in the CBD kief is to cover it adequately.

How to Use Moonrock CBD

Like any other hemp flower, you can use Moonrock CBD for smoking. You need to wait for the flower to dry, then crush it, and mix it in pre-rolls to finally make a cigarette or joint. Although, if you want to use them while they are sticky, avoid using a grinder or adding them to pipes. The tiny particles will stick, and it gets tough to clean the gadgets.

If you are using Moonrock for the first time, take a short puff and experience the effects. Take a long drag and monitor the effects. Since Moonrock CBD is highly potent, even quick puffs will offer immense results.

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What Is CBD Kief, and How to Create It?

CBD Kief is one of the oldest forms of Cannabis, and people have mixed it in regular cigarettes for decades. Since weed was not that popular among people because of its side effects, they settled for what you get as leftover weed. If you purchase a bag of hemp flower and shake it a little, the dust you’ll see at the bottom of the bag is kief.

On the other hand, if you want to create CBD kief, you have to collect trichomes from the hemp bud. While it looks like a powder, in reality, it is sticky tiny pieces of crystallized resins. You can use a simple herb grinder to collect these resins. These herb grinders can grind the Cannabis while letting the crystals fall into a separate compartment. Once the grinding is done, collect the crystals from the compartment and use them in Moonrock CBD creation.

How to Use CBD Kief

Like any other CBD flower, you can use CBD kief for the same purpose. Sprinkle them over your food bowl, make a CBD joint with them, or you can make Moonrocks from them. Since CBD kief is very low in potency, it is better to use it with other products, as they help increase their overall impact.

Benefits of Moonrock CBD

The best thing about Moonrock CBD is that it is significantly more potent than THC but has no psychoactive effects. It means you won’t get high no matter how often you use this form of CBD. Moreover, since most people smoke Moonrock CBD, the results are relatively faster than other products, and it takes only 30 seconds for Moonrock to start showing its effects. If you want to enjoy robust and immense relaxation without getting high, Moonrock CBD is the best option.

Because of its nature, Moonrock can help cure severe mental health. It calms your mind and erases tension and anxiety, relaxing you and helping you concentrate on your life better. You can also use this CBD to get rid of physical pain to help you sleep better. It is the quickest way to enter your bloodstream without showing any adverse side effects. If you take a large dose, the results might last for hours.

You can also combine Moonrock with other flowers if you don’t like the high potency. These Moonrocks will help manage the strength of CBD flowers and other CBD products. Moonrock CBD can help improve your mood because of its euphoric and tranquil effect. We all know the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, and Moonrock CBD takes these effects to another level.

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Moonrock CBD can be your next best option if you want to enjoy the potent effects of CBD. But what is Moonrock CBD? What are its benefits, and how can you make it and use it properly? We shared all these details in our article. However, we recommend purchasing it from stores since the professionals know how to create it properly without side effects.

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