What Ratio of THC to CBD Is Good for Anxiety

CBD is one of the most popular compounds to help reduce anxiety and help people feel more relaxed in public settings. THC does the same, but a higher dosage of THC also causes anxiety. Using a small THC ratio alongside CBD will help lower anxiety much better. The simple answer to the question is what ratio of THC to CBD is good for anxiety is 1:10. For one part of THC, there should be ten parts of CBD.

Most brands don’t mention the recommended ratio on the product label; you’ll have to consult the lab reports. Since USA authorities won’t allow more than 0.3% THC in any hemp product, the THC ratio will always be far less than CBD. However, if you use hemp for medical issues, you can go for a higher THC concentration. It also depends on your product or how quickly you want to feel the effects.

If an immediate effect, we suggest opting for products with a low THC ratio as you don’t want to lose your senses. Products that take time to bring results are fine with a higher THC ratio since you’ll get high over time.

CBD/THC teaHow to Choose a Proper Ratio

Understanding how much CBD and THC are available in a product is better for determining the ratio. The dosage of THC and CBD has to be perfect to obtain the most valuable results. A higher THC dosage will increase anxiety instead of managing it, and a higher CBD dosage will nullify the effects of THC. Moreover, terpenes can provide additional health benefits and help regulate chronic pain and eradicate headaches.

A hemp product is made from multiple compounds to provide optimal results, and you need to choose a product based on your requirements. Even if the product mentions the same ratio of CBD and THC, the amount in milligrams will differ. Pay attention to the dosages as CBD will only provide relaxation, while THC is psychoactive, giving a high. Their ratio will influence the overall effects of the product.

1:0 (Only CBD)

If you notice this ratio written on a product, there is zero THC in it. These products are legally allowed in every state of the USA, and you can travel to other countries with them.

A product with only CBD won’t get you high, but it is a suitable remedy to help reduce anxiety and provide mood-enhancing effects. However, CBD on its own won’t help lower anxiety; it must contain some terpenes or THC for better results.

0:1 (THC Only)

Products with only THC available should have 0:1 CBD/THC written on the label. In other words, the company will only mention THC on that product. These products are effective for getting high while reducing your anxiety. THC can also help boost your confidence but won’t relax your body. However, THC is a suitable remedy for managing chronic pain and insomnia and correcting your sleep patterns.

The only drawback of consuming THC is that it will bring back anxiety if you overuse it or use high doses. THC products can be harmful, so you’ll have to be very careful while using these products. On the other hand, CBD is safe even if you overdose on it, and the worst you’ll get is a stomach ache or headache.

CBD tea

1:1 (Balanced CBD/THC Ratio)

Most CBD products come with a 1:1 balance to provide a high and help bring down anxiety. These products offer the effects of THC, but the CBD content keeps the adverse effects at bay.

The psychoactive effects of such products are mild, but they are enough to keep you active throughout the day. Moreover, you can use these products both day and night instead of purchasing separate products.

10:1 (Perfect Ratio for Newbies)

This ratio contains more CBD than THC; in fact, the CBD amount is so much that you won’t get high despite the THC. The idea of such a high CBD ratio is to get mild effects of THC for managing anxiety symptoms without causing addiction or other severe side effects. You’ll enjoy the soothing results without getting high.

What Ratio Is Good for Me

It depends on the results you’re after and how your body will react to the THC or CBD. You have to try various ratios to see which one is the most effective for you. It will be best to consult your physician about your body requirements before using the products. If he prescribes a higher THC concentration, choosing a 1:2 product would be best.

You can also check the description of the product to see the expected effects. Most companies mention how you’ll feel after using their products, giving you an idea of what to expect. If you didn’t get the effects described on the packaging, you can return the product and exchange it for something different.

On average, it is better to opt for a product with less THC as your body might not respond well to it. However, if you are an old marijuana user looking to switch to CBD, you can start with a higher THC amount. You won’t feel the strong psychoactive effects of THC on low concentration compared to marijuana.

What Ratio of THC to CBD Is Good for Anxiety

We recommend sticking with a lower THC ratio than CBD. While THC works quicker, the chances are good that it can backfire and increase your anxiety instead of treating it. Moreover, using THC for a prolonged time can also amplify the chances of anxiety. If you want to use these products over a long period, choose CBD, as it doesn’t have severe side effects. The worst you’ll get is a dry throat or an upset tummy. However, it only happens if you overdose on CBD or your body refuses to accept the product.

THC can also elevate your heart rate, which can cause hypervigilance that can lead to panic attacks. If you are a regular smoker, bad weed can cause agoraphobia, so you have to be careful when choosing your products.

THC & CBD ratio


What ratio of THC to CBD is good for anxiety is dependent on your body. We shared the common THC to CBD ratios above and which ratio provides what kind of effects. If you are still unsure about what to use, opt for a product with a higher CBD ratio. However, if you are sure about what you want, getting a balanced CBD/THC ratio is the best choice.

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