Where to Put CBD Cream for Headaches

The CBD market is bringing new products daily; and using CBD in consumables is a thing of the past. At first, it was the hemp flower; then we got CBD gummies; after that, we saw cigarettes, and now CBD cream as the latest trend. Among its many uses, you can also use CBD cream for headaches to offer some relief. However, for the best results, you need to know where to put cbd cream for headaches. There are five places: shoulder, forehead, neck, temples, and jaws. We will discuss the details later on how to apply it properly.

The best part of these creams is that they work instantly, probably much better than most consumer products. The downside is that you cannot get an overall body relaxation like other CBD products. However, being able to use an alternative product to cure joint and back pain without swallowing a tablet is much more favorable. On the other hand, you can use them for gym and sports, and no one would flag them as a drug.

Unlike other CBD products, it won’t dissolve and stay in your blood, therefore you will have no issues passing your drug test. CBD creams are available in many forms, for example, you can get lip balm as well as warm and cold creams for multiple purposes. Since they provide instant relief, you can use them as alternative cold sprays.

Where to Put CBD Cream for Headaches

CBD cream
Before using this cream, you need to understand a couple of things.
CBD creams work fast, but their effects also wear quickly. To get rid of your headache, you need proper rest. Use these creams when you struggle to rest, and the migraine gets stronger. However, if CBD cream is not working and your headache worsens, visit your doctor immediately.

In some cases, if applying the CBD cream worsens the headache, it means your body is not accepting the CBD. In such a case, it would be better to avoid CBD products and try alternative headache medicines. With all that aside, let’s see which conditions you manage to cure with CBD creams.

The CBD cream can offer relief for migraines, chronic headaches, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. While migraines and tension headaches are pretty standard, chronic and cluster headaches are the most severe. Chronic headaches will continue for months, while cluster headaches will keep you awake at night.

CBD Cream for Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are slightly different from others and happen because of your nose. To cure them naturally, you need to provide lots of oxygen to your brain, which will balance blood flow, and the headache will go away. It usually happens at night and if you want instant relief from this, use CBD cream the following way.

Sit down and take long deep breaths to cool down your body since it will be hot after resting. Take some cream, apply it to your nose, and gently press down. Wait for a few moments for the CBD to take effect. If the headache is persistent, apply some cream inside your nose for more effective results. Also, use some cream on the side for pain since cluster headaches generally affect only one half of your face or one eye.

While it will take at least 20 minutes for the peak effects to kick in, you’ll feel the results as soon as you apply the CBD cream. Once you start detecting the effects, lie down and try to rest because it is the best medicine to cure headaches. Basically, with cluster headaches, you use the cream inside your nose instead of the forehead, shoulders, etc.

CBD Cream for Chronic Headaches

CBD creamThe type of headache associated with migraines is chronic headaches. It starts with low intensity but gets worse daily, so treating it at the initial stage is the best. 

Using CBD cream for such headaches is simple. Apply some cream to your forehead where you feel the pain, and make sure to apply at the exact pressure point. Since the pain is relatively meager initially, CBD cream will work within minutes. Be sure to rest as you start feeling pain relief. The basic idea of using these creams is to get instant relief from the pain and sleep to get rid of the headache.

CBD Cream for Migraines and Tension Headaches

You’ll need lots of CBD cream for your migraines since you never know its cause. The best way is to start applying it on your forehead and cover the entire forehead. Wait for five minutes and if there is no difference in the pain, use it on your temples. 

Temples are generally most affected by migraines, and you will experience a throbbing sensation in your temples. Apply CBD cream to both sides and gently massage your temples. The cream will start affecting you within two to three minutes. In the meantime, try to calm your body and drink some water.

Should I Consider CBD Cream Safe to Help Cure Headache?

CBD cream is thought to be a safe product since you are applying it to the skin. However, if your skin tends to be sensitive, we won’t recommend using any topical creams for body pain. Moreover, you need to find a suitable CBD cream for your pain among cold and warm CBD creams.

Cold CBD creams work best for headaches since they constrict the blood vessels to decrease pain circulation in that area. However, if you don’t rest and address the pain, it will come back with more intensity. However, warm CBD cream works best for joint and chronic pain since it relaxes the muscle and removes the stiffness.

CBD cream is safe if your skin doesn’t show any severe reaction. You can also mix CBD creams with other creams for different but unique results. Moreover, most companies add other ingredients to their CBD creams to soften your skin. CBD creams can make your skin healthy while curing pain and headaches if the dosage is correct. If you want to use these creams, we suggest that you opt for one with additional benefits.

Lip balm works the best to make your lips soft and juicy, but you have to use these products daily. You will notice excellent results after using them for a few months.

How Long Before CBD Cream Starts Showing the Effects?

CBD creamIf you want long-term effects, you need to use CBD cream for four months at a minimum. Once your body starts mending, you can quit using the CBD cream and rely on natural methods to maintain your body. That goes for body pain, headaches, and skincare; the longer you use CBD cream, the more permanent the effects will be.

For quick relief from headaches, the CBD cream will work almost instantly, depending on the intensity of the pain. It takes around 15-20 minutes for the effects to reach their peak, and they’ll soothe the headache enough for you to get some sleep.

On the other hand, CBD cream works much faster on chronic and joint pain. You’ll feel the relief instantly, allowing you to move freely as the pain will keep on disappearing. Much like any pain medicine, CBD cream can provide pain relief so you can rest properly. Once your body is at ease, it will function much better to remove the cause of pain, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.


CBD products are excellent for helping manage body pain. It doesn’t matter which product you use, but the quickest way to feel results for headaches is via the CBD cream. However, to make sure that it works optimally, you need to learn where to put cbd cream for headaches. In our guide above, you will find the necessary information on all the possible ways to use CBD cream and how to get the best results for addressing all types of headaches.

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