Why Am I Gaining Weight on CBD Oil?

CBD has many health benefits which can help improve your lifestyle. You can use CBD to help cure pain, stay relaxed, and enjoy nights of restful sleep. CBD products are available in many forms, and one among them is CBD oil. Most people use CBD oil for relaxation, and after a while, they wonder, why am I gaining weight on CBD oil? We are here to clear this confusion.

While CBD oil helps improve your appetite, you won’t gain weight while using it. You gain weight because you are no longer tense and eating more regular meals. Tension is one reason why you never gained weight, and since you started using CBD, you feel relaxed, your body functions correctly, and you might put on some weight. However, this happens rarely, and most people keep using these products, and their weight stays the same. On the other hand, you might be among the rare ones who gain weight when you start using CBD oil.

CBD promotes weight loss because it boosts your metabolism and burns fat cells. However, changing your eating habits as you take CBD oil might lead to weight gain.

Woman in gym eating CBD GummiesCan CBD Oil Make You Gain Weight

Before we begin, there aren’t many studies explaining the relationship between weight gain and CBD. We share what we found in research papers, and the reasons behind the weight gain might differ for each individual. Your metabolism might be slow, and you gain weight quickly even if you eat less. You may think that CBD oil is the reason.

On the other hand, most people use CBD oil for months before seeing changes in themselves. If you have been using this product for four to five months, check how much has changed in that time, and you’ll find the answer to your weight gain.

Another reason could be that CBD oil brought significant changes in your lifestyle. You might have spent more time with friends as you started feeling better. Since CBD helps remove anxiety, you might be more engaged in social activities and parties, living your life. A healthy, active, and happy lifestyle can also increase your weight when you’re more social and eat more frequently.

THC Could Be the Reason

CBD oil is available in two variants; broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains THC, which is relatively low in concentration but enough to give you a buzz and a high feeling. In broad-spectrum CBD oil, companies avoid adding the THC and rather add terpenes for additional health benefits.

If you got your hands on full-spectrum CBD oil, the THC might trigger an increased appetite and allow your body to absorb more energy instead of creating more waste. It is simple science that if your body’s metabolism is balanced, you have to exercise to keep the weight balance. On the other hand, if your metabolism is high, you won’t gain weight even if you consume more calories. With low metabolism, you’ll gain weight even when consuming low calories.

So, if the CBD oil you take has changed your metabolism, causing you to burn fewer calories than you take, it might lead to weight gain. Studies have shown that THC can cause an increase in appetite, allowing you to eat more.

Terpenes in CBD Oil Can Lead to Weight Gain

Broad-spectrum CBD contains terpenes from hemp plants like CBC and CBN. They are mainly responsible for pain relief and enhancing your health. However, the chances are that these additional terpenes can boost your appetite. You might eat more than usual, have more midnight snacks, and gain weight.

CBD and sport

CBD Associated With Weight Gain Is Just a Myth

Since there are no scientific studies to back up the CBD and weight gain, it might be nothing more than a myth. Some people on the internet would have tried CBD oil and dozen other food items for a long time and gained weight. Since the unique thing they all started using was CBD oil, they might assume it to be the culprit.

On the other hand, some people must have overdosed on CBD, which has side effects that make them lazy. Unless you have a very high metabolism, doing nothing and constantly snacking on food can be a significant reason for your weight gain. The best way to prove this myth right or wrong is to try CBD oil and see how it affects you.

For better results, you can spend one month with your usual routine. Then make changes and exercise and eat healthy for the next month. Finally, be lazy and spend time at home eating different foods and monitor the results. If you gain weight in the second and third scenarios, CBD oil is not the reason behind your weight gain. However, we won’t recommend such tests at home, so we wait for a proper scientific study. For now, CBD oil can only enhance your health, increase your appetite and help you relax. If you increase your diet for these reasons, you might put on some weight.

Can CBD Oil Cause Weight loss?

An increase in appetite is one of the benefits of using CBD. However, it also enhances your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories than usual. If you don’t increase your diet, you’ll lose weight as your body burns more calories than your intake.

On the other hand, if you want to eat loads because of your appetite, join an exercise program to avoid getting fat. It will increase your cravings for midnight snacks, and try to keep stock of only healthy snacks.

Other Benefits of CBD Oil

Losing or gaining weight is not the only effect of CBD oil. Some of its benefits are pretty useful in daily life, and you might improve your overall condition with this.

It Can Help Regulate Pain

CBD is well known to help reduce chronic pain, and recent studies have shown that it can also cure headaches. If you have random headaches and they don’t go away even after medicine, you should try CBD oil. With just two drops daily, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your condition. 

CBD and sportTake two drops, and put them under your tongue. Bear the taste for two minutes, swallow the drops, and enjoy relaxation. As CBD binds itself to the receptors, it improves the functioning of the central nervous system. The CNS helps send calm messages to the brain, tricking it not to send pain signals, so you’ll feel relaxed.

For better results, keep using them for four to five months, and you might also discover if it does cause weight gain or not.

Improve Mental Health

People have been using CBD products for anxiety and depression for many years. Even doctors prescribe CBD for Epilepsy. It relaxes your brain and removes tension to make your head calm. CBD oil can be your best companion in a stressful work environment. You can use it any time you want, and unlike vaping, people won’t notice you using CBD during working hours.

On the other hand, you can’t overdose on CBD oil since the dropper you get in the box doesn’t allow you to take more than two drops. However, taking the entire bottle can cause severe headaches and vomiting because the body cannot tolerate such a high CBD amount.


CBD oil doesn’t cause weight gain, so if you ever think to yourself: “why am I gaining weight on CBD oil” the reason might be entirely unrelated. You might feel an increase in your appetite, so you start eating extra, which increases your weight. If you eat lots of protein food with CBD oil, it can trigger the formation of new fat cells, which might make you fat and you gain a couple of pounds. However, if you didn’t make a change in your daily life but gained weight at a fast pace, consult your physician immediately.

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