Why Does CBD Make Me Feel Tired

CBD helps slow the breakdown of anandamide, enabling you to relax and make you sleepy. However, this is not the only reason you might feel sleepy after using CBD. Most people complain, why does CBD make me feel tired? It is not entirely correct, as they are not exhausted; they are just feeling the effects of CBD. 

Especially those, who are using CBD for the first time, might confuse the feeling of relaxation with tiredness. If your CBD products contain THC, it will give you a high feel that might make your body a little numb; and you might confuse that numbness with tiredness.

However, post-CBD effects might make you tired as CBD is not a cure for removing fatigue or tiredness. As the effects of CBD wear down, your body gets back to its former state. You can use CBD to get a good rest, and by resting, you can get rid of tiredness. If you are at work or don’t rest after using CBD, you’ll feel tired.

Moreover, your brain is responsible for setting your sleep cycles. CBD binds itself to the receptors that message your brain when it is time to sleep. Using CBD can correct or disrupts your sleep cycle; therefore, sleeping at an odd time makes your body tired.

On the other hand, the dosage of CBD matters as far as relaxation and sleep are concerned. Your body will severely react to CBD if the dosage is not adequate. Low dosage won’t bring sound effects, leaving you in a tired state. Your body might not welcome the high dosage, thus causing an adverse reaction that brings extreme tiredness once the CBD effects are gone.

Does CBD Make You Tired During the Day

The thing with CBD is that you have to utilize its effects for the entire day. If you use one for the day, you’ll feel more tired during the night. Using it during the night will make you feel tired the next day. Since CBD doesn’t cure fatigue or pain, these sensations become more severe.

CBD won’t make you tired if you use it during the day, but you’ll feel tired if you use it at night but not during the day. The best way to avoid this is to get one variant for sleep and one to stay active during the day.

On the other hand, if using CBD during the day makes you tired instead of calming your brain and making you active, you should visit your doctor immediately. It is a commonplace side effect of CBD because your body is not accepting it. CBD stays in your blood, causing unusual reactions, of which feeling tired is one. Moreover, if you don’t get proper rest after using CBD, you’ll wake up feeling tired. CBD effects should last for four 4-6 hours, contingent on the dosage. If you keep getting disturbed during your sleep, your body won’t stay relaxed, the pain won’t go away, and you’ll spend the night restless. Since your body didn’t get the required sleep, feeling tired during the day is not unusual.

Does CBD Make You Tired the Next Day

If you are a first-time CBD user, the chances are good that you’ll feel tired the next day. Sometimes your body tries to fight the effects of CBD, which makes you tired the next day when you wake up. Moreover, some people tend to use a higher dose of CBD, and their bodies cannot tolerate that much, leading to tiredness.

The ideal way to enjoy the effects of CBD is to stay relaxed. Take your CBD edibles 20 minutes before you go to bed. Once you lie down to sleep, close your eyes and try to empty your mind, and relax. It will take additional 20 minutes for the CBD to reach its peak effects. If you stay relaxed until you hit this stage, you won’t wake up tired. People mistakenly continue their normal activities after taking CBD instead of relaxing, nullifying most of the relaxation effect.

Will CBD Make Me High?

CBD and tirednessPure CBD, such as CBD isolate, is not psychoactive, so it won’t make you high no matter how frequently or how much you use. However, to avoid experiencing its side effects, it is better not to use high doses of CBD. 

On the other hand, if you use broad-spectrum CBD, which contains terpenes from the hemp plant, it will provide additional health benefits and boost the effects of CBD. These terpenes can help cure chronic pain, have anti-inflammatory effects, and can help prevent skin diseases. CBD itself only provides relaxation; the rest of its benefits come from the terpenes.

Full-spectrum CBD will get you high as it contains THC. However, CBD derived from the hemp plant only has 0.3% of THC, enough to give you a buzz, but you’ll stay within your senses. Moreover, with such a low amount, THC stays non-addictive, allowing you to spend your time without it easily. Also, USA regulatory authorities only allow CBD products with 0.3% THC or less.

If you want quality relaxation while feeling the buzz, we suggest you opt for CBD infused with THC. However, if you wish to relax and feel anti-depressed, CBD with terpenes is best.

CBD for Sleep

One of the most valuable advantages of CBD is it can induce peaceful sleep. Using CBD products daily can improve your sleep schedule, and if you take it properly, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and active. Find an ideal dosage, so you won’t experience any extreme side effects when you wake up. For first-time CBD users, low potency is best, to begin with. If you don’t feel the desired effects, increase the strength.

Moreover, it is suitable to use a product that takes time to have effects for better results. If you opt for something that provides instant results, the effects will wear off quickly. CBD Oil and gummies are best for sleep as they take time to show results, but their effects remain for 4-6 hours. The best part is that you’ll feel refreshed when the effects begin wearing off, and you won’t need an alarm clock.

How Much CBD Dosage Is Good for Sleep

CBD for sleepCBD products are available in multiple potencies, but you have to find the right potency to get better results. Usually, people are fine using 25 mg of CBD daily to promote sleep, but some take up to 75 mg because they don’t feel relaxed on lower potencies. If the product has a lower potency, you can eat more than one to double the strength.

However, since CBD oil and gummies have limited servings, you have to follow the prescribed guidelines if you want to use one pack a month. Doubling the dosage will finish the pack within 15 days. To avoid this, purchase the same product with different potencies and return the one that is not useful to you.

Remember, high dosage CBD products are expensive, and if you have a tight budget, we suggest you change to products that offer quick results. These products always have more potency than usual, but you’ll have to use them more frequently since their effects go down quickly.


Why does CBD make me feel tired? We answered this question in our article. CBD, itself won’t make you tired, but rather your body refuses to accept the effects of CBD. On the other hand, you might not have adequately rested after taking CBD, which is another good reason you might feel tired in the morning. Be mindful of the dosage you take, as a high dose is not suitable for someone using CBD products for the first time.

If the tiredness won’t go away and you feel the same every morning, quit using these products and visit your doctor immediately.

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