Why Does CBD Make Me So Sleepy?

Whether CBD makes one sleepy or not is still under debate. While more research must be done to determine whether there is a link between CBD and feeling sleepy, research shows that CBD does support better sleep.

A regular CBD routine in the evening ensures that you get proper sleep. Over time, users of CBD products have associated the products with a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Hence, it is easier to get relaxed and calm before bed when you consume this product. Consequently, the product can promote sound sleep after consuming it.

Will You Feel Sleepy if You Use CBD During the Day?

Currently, no research shows that you will get sleepy after using CBD during the day. However, testimonials from users show that it does not matter what time of the day you use CBD; it will always provide the same relaxing and therapeutic effects which tend to induce sleep. However, you will only feel sleepy when you are not active. Some athletes use CBD products to help prevent nausea and to help avoid getting sleepy.

Studies reveal that CBD has anxiety-reducing abilities to help lower stress levels, improve mental clarity, and boost focus. According to these studies, you will get these properties without lethargy or drowsiness. Because CBD boosts your serotonin levels, these products also help to improve your mood. In addition, the compound helps to reduce cortisol levels, thereby reducing stress.

Using CBD for sleep

Best For Improving Sleep – CBD vs THC 

Most users leverage CBD to help them fall asleep and enjoy a good night’s rest. However, evidence suggests that CBD has more advantages over THC and other sleep aids. Such evidence suggests that you can get a better sleep when you use CBD and CBD-derived products. CBD is more beneficial because it does not intoxicate like THC. Hence, you can count on CBD to give you its benefits without adverse effects like drowsiness, fatigue, or excessive sedation.

CBD is also a safer alternative to other over-the-counter medications for sleep. These medications tend to cause uncomfortable side effects and may lead to dependence.  Studies show that CBD has no significant effects when used as a sleep aid. THC has other adverse impacts from the side effects we have mentioned previously. A study showed that consuming strains of marijuana with higher THC levels reduced the amount of good sleep you get. THC tends to impair your healthy immune and cognitive functioning when you use the product for prolonged periods.

Does CBD Help With Sleep Disorders?

Many people face issues like struggling to relax after a challenging day or task. Many of them suffer from different sleep disorders such as insomnia. Insomnia can impact your quality of life immensely. Most people who struggle with sleep disorders do not like to use intoxicants or medication. Hence, it becomes a problem for them to fall asleep. But CBD ensures you can get a deep and relaxed sleep without becoming dependent on the product.

CBD appears to be the remedy of choice for people who want to enjoy sleep without using intoxicants or medication. Many people with disorders use it because it directly interacts with their body’s system. CBD interacts with the system responsible for maintaining balance within your body. Hence, the compound helps support your body’s natural circulation rhythms and sleep patterns. A recent study showed the ability of CBD to combat sleeplessness by helping the subjects enjoy a sound sleep. The study also showed that CBD reduced nighttime disturbances and spontaneous waking up during the night. The results from the study suggested that CBD is effective for combatting insomnia and enjoying better sleep.

Sleeping after cbdHow Do You Feel After Using CBD?

Response to the effects of CBD depends on individual differences. Several factors play a role in how your body reacts to CBD. Such factors include things like weight, body type, metabolism, and gender. In addition, other factors that could influence the way you react to CBD include your method of consuming CBD. For example, you could ingest oils or apply topicals to your skin. Furthermore, you could experience different feelings if you combine CBD with supplements or medications.

Another essential factor you need to consider is the type of CBD you decide to use. You will typically find CBD in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. Full-spectrum has more than 120 plant-derived compounds originating from the hemp plant. Full-spectrum CBD gives optimal potential to consumers due to the compounds working together to provide an “entourage effect.” This effect ensures that you enjoy the best possible benefits of CBD.

Broad-spectrum CBD, however, contains all the compounds usually found in full-spectrum CBD except for THC. It will not get high due to the absence of THC, which generally leads to getting high. If you do not like your CBD contaminated, you can opt for CBD isolates. CBD isolates do not contain other compounds or cannabinoids and are the purest form of CBD you can purchase. While several people choose broad-spectrum and CBD isolates over full-spectrum, these options have less potency than full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum is more efficient because it gives the entourage effect not found in the other two varieties of CBD.

Overall, CBD can make you feel relaxed while improving your sense of calm and focus. In addition, the product reduces anxiety and offers an improved quality of life. Note that the different doses of CBD may affect you in different ways.

CBD for sleepWill CBD Make You Tired After Use?

CBD does not make you tired after use. It leads to feelings of calmness and relaxation. Furthermore, it enhances your focus and can help you through challenging situations. Additionally, the product aids with your sleep after a stressful day. It conquers sleeplessness by eliminating anxiety and boosting your mood. 

CBD is used by people worldwide and is not known for having any adverse effects. Unlike THC, the product does not intoxicate and will only lead to feelings of relaxation and trigger your “happy hormone” (serotonin). You should note that lower doses of CBD can enhance alertness and focus, while higher doses may cause you to feel more relaxed. Hence, it all depends on your dosage and objectives for using it. With CBD’s potential to enhance a calm mind and reduce anxiety, you can enjoy peaceful moments without the side effects.


Many people might think that CBD can make you sleepy after consumption. Based on this article, you can see that several factors come into play. Firstly, the dosage plays a vital role in your feelings. Lower doses of CBD ensure that you enjoy enhanced focus and alertness, whereas higher doses could induce more relaxed and calm feelings. Hence, you could feel a bit sleepy if you use higher doses of CBD.

If you must use CBD before going out, make sure you take low doses to avoid becoming too relaxed and feeling sleepy. For enhanced sleep, you can use higher doses of CBD. Additionally, you can use the different types of CBD available to obtain various effects. Conclusively, CBD will only make you sleepy, depending on the factors mentioned above.

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